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Reviewer: wolfiekins Signed [Report This]
Date: 06/11/2006 07:46 AM Title: Countdown

Wow, this should be required reading for Weasleyphiles everywhere!  You've done a superb job of giving our favourite twins such an involving, humourous backstory.  For such popular characters, they certainly receive short shrift in canon.  I especially enjoyed how you allow us to see the real differences between Fred & superbly done.  The reparte between them, and their mates Lee & Towler is perfect, just as one would imagine.  So many wonderful moments, at times somewhat bittersweet as I goofed and read 'Together Alone' first...

Yeah, I loved it... 

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Wolfie! That is high praise, indeed. The twins don't get taken 'seriously' enough, I don't think... hence why I wrote this. I'm glad you enjoyed the interplay of Fred and George and their roommates, as well as the conscious effort to show how Fred and George are *not* identical in every way. I'll burn you a copy of the 'soundtrack' I made for it! :D :D

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