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Reviewer: Verdenia Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 08/10/2006 01:31 AM Title: Patterns

Aww.  I cried near the end there, with Martin and Marilena.  ;(  Truly, you have done your job, to make me feel emotion for these long-lived versions of our boys.

Sad but sweet.  ;P

The title and idea remind me of "Time Enough for Love" by Heinlein, have you read it? 

Author's Response:

Oh my, how could I have missed this review??? 

You know, of all the stuff I've written so far, that final scene with Martin and Marilena is my most favourite, the most satisfying.  

There was never any question that they'd meet and be together for the end; and really, they'd had three or four lifetimes worth of love and sex and togetherness.  How long can one go on?  It just seems like the press of memory, the ache of those long gone would finally become overwhelming...

No, I can't say as I've read that particular Heinlein, although I've read many of his works...thanks for the rec, and for the most wonderful comments! 


Reviewer: SophiaMaria Signed [Report This]
Date: 06/18/2006 04:47 AM Title: Patterns

Very beautifully done! I normally don't read cross-overs, but I was amused by your tie-ins with Star Trek and had to laugh as the idea of Harry in Star Fleet. I was upset that they had to die in the first reading (my husband couldn't figure out why I was sitting at my computer and crying) - I thought it was a bit rash, too quickly decided, and wondered why should they die when they had just gotten back together? (Why? Why now? There's more lovely sex to be had!) But in a re-read, I saw just how weary they were and how much they needed to rest. They weren't teenagers making a hasty romantic choice, they were perhaps truly ready to go. And hopefully this fictional world has an afterlife where they could truly live together forever. Ah, I love the bittersweet! (And the lovely smut was nice!)

Author's Response:

<i>(Why? Why now? There's more lovely sex to be had!)</i>

Very good point, there!  I can completely understand your initial impression that Ron & Harry made a rather hasty decision.  I'm so amazed that you read the story again, and picked up on my theme that they both had seen enough, and were quite tired of living in a far flung future.  Heh!  I'm glad the ST stuff didn't short circuit the story.  And just think of how may hundreds, or perhaps thousands of people Ron helped in his very long life...they both knew the patterns would keep repeating, and they were together, finally, at the end, facing their transition into the next incarnation, wrapped in each other's arms.   Thanks so much for reading, and for taking the time to leave a review!  Peace! 

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