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Reviewer: Virtae Signed [Report This]
Date: 01/27/2014 10:03 AM Title: Chapter 1: Hex Me or Kiss Me

Greetings Slashpervert,

(WAY BEYOND) amazing craftsmanship! I think that's all I'll have to say, I'd write a ten page essay touching on all the parts that I so much enjoy in this fanfic and your writings... So with no further ado, I applause and bow to you for molding an already created universe to your own personal imagination!

All best,

Reviewer: Mysteriously Moi Signed [Report This]
Date: 05/08/2012 10:56 AM Title: Chapter 37: What If?

Oooohhh my god!!! You let Harry chop Draco's arm off?!?!?!?! I actuallly gagged at that scene, you know. I skipped over most of it, but I think i'm going to have to go back and check to see if it was the whole arm or just his wrist. Anyway, I think you went too fast with their relationship, but it was a good read nonetheless.

Reviewer: aboywilldo Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/25/2011 08:00 PM Title: Chapter 37: What If?

I am a very picky reader. I absolutely adore this story. The sequel is on my to do list. Thanks for writing.

Reviewer: Felcie Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: 10/18/2011 03:42 PM Title: Chapter 1: Hex Me or Kiss Me

I discover your story only a few days ago and I just fell in love with it! I really love how every scenes are described and how the feelings are perfectly conveyed. Besides, the plot was pretty interesting too! Thanks for sharing that amazing story and sorry for discovering it only now!

Reviewer: snowcrazy921 Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/27/2011 06:48 AM Title: Chapter 2: Tea With a Dragon

Amazing chapter, loved the imagery very much. I always love these to together and going to read another chapter. Great Job.

Reviewer: snowcrazy921 Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/27/2011 06:35 AM Title: Chapter 1: Hex Me or Kiss Me

I like the begining of this, I really didn't like the fight sceane in the book and like this so much better.  Great start,now off to read more.

Reviewer: Greendaze07 Signed [Report This]
Date: 01/19/2011 10:43 AM Title: Chapter 37: What If?

could Draco get a cool silver arm like Wormtail's now?

Reviewer: dansgingercat Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 09/27/2010 11:08 PM Title: Chapter 37: What If?

I love your stories......I have finally finished this one and now I am off to the next.  Since I started with #7, I was wondering why Draco had the silver is good to start at the beginning.   Great Story!!

Reviewer: dansgingercat Signed starstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 09/23/2010 04:03 AM Title: Chapter 1: Hex Me or Kiss Me

I started with the Last story of this group, and I HAD to know how it all started.  Love Your stories and your style.  Looking forward to all of them.  GREAT JOB!! 

Reviewer: Grownupron Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/14/2010 05:39 AM Title: Chapter 25: House Business

This part of the fic doesn't make any sense. everyone is acting like Ron's response is unreasonable. But Malfoy has been absolutely evil to them for years and just forgetting about it in a few days IS unreasonable. Not to mention as soon as they find out Malfoy was the one who poisoned Ron its going to go pear shapped anyway.

Reviewer: merrin Signed [Report This]
Date: 07/17/2010 01:25 AM Title: Chapter 37: What If?

Wow. Bloody hell... I was putting off this series for the simple fact that I knew once I started one of your stories, there is no way to stop reading.  You are a very talented writer and I'm looking forward to the rest of the Bound Prince Series.  Thank you for posting it.  xx

Author's Response: That's lovely. So glad it meets your expectations and hope you really enjoy the series as well.

Reviewer: Ayla Brown Signed [Report This]
Date: 01/17/2009 03:32 AM Title: Chapter 37: What If?

Ahhhh such a simple solution. And to think, Harry was going to kill himself.


Author's Response: Yeah, the solution even surprised the writers! Glad you enjoyed.

Reviewer: EdwardGirl Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/25/2008 02:23 AM Title: Chapter 1: Hex Me or Kiss Me


I'm back and reading this again! Well I was reading it on Slash Perv's LJ, but I like commenting on here better. This story was the first ever fan fic I read, you guys are the ones that got me hooked ;). This story is so well written and if it wasn't for all the copyright laws and stuff, I would have loved this to have been published. I love how you took one scene and changed one small thing. Brilliant!

Any way I'm going to stop now and just read away to my hearts content - this was really just to tell you how amazing this story is, and to thank you for getting me hooked on fan fics - you made me a Harry/Draco girl for life.



Ps - side note, I've been reading the latest one in the Bound series and love it! Valen is so cute! Poor Draco and Harry. Ok thats it, i'll stop now. Again wonderful story!  ;)

Reviewer: MoonyLight Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/18/2008 06:15 PM Title: Chapter 37: What If?

Brillant! Loved it!
Half way through, I almost gave up, but I am immensely glad I stuck it out until the end!
*is so happy Draco didn't die*
Amazing! *bows to you*

Author's Response: Aww, thanks. Glad you hung in there and enjoyed it.

Reviewer: wover30 Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: 02/26/2008 10:51 PM Title: Chapter 37: What If?

Well. I have to say, this story definetly made me cry, blush, squirm and laugh. So. Good job and great ending. Sequel, please?

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it!  The sequel is written and has started posting.

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