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Reviewer: Aethonan Signed [Report This]
Date: 05/15/2009 08:37 AM Title: Dreams of Deliverance

What an interesting premise, and so beautifully and passionately executed.  Wonderfully written, and totally captivating!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the lovely comments!

Reviewer: oldenuf2nobetter Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 10/29/2007 08:46 PM Title: Dreams of Deliverance

Oh, Ros.  This is...beautiful.  Really.  I'm humbled.  I made you cry?  Well, you just returned the favor.  Truly. 

Don't you wish it had really gone this way?  I don't usually read this pairing (wait for it!  I won't say I expect to hate it, not when you write it!  hee!) but this was absolutely beautiful. Well done.  Nomination justly deserved! 

Author's Response: Really? *claps hands with glee*. Is it wrong I'm so pleased I'm making people cry? Thank you!

Reviewer: madam_minnie Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/21/2007 07:16 PM Title: Dreams of Deliverance

"No, Potter, there are many things I feel about you, but I can quite honestly say that hatred is not one of them."

Ha! Love this!

You did such a great job in portraying a moment that had me in tears for days! Everytime I thought of how Snape died, of the three words he said to Harry as he died... it kills me, I tell you. Seeing this take on what could've happened has been great for my Snarry heart.

I see that this is not your pairing and that you wrote it out of your comfort zone and I commend you for that as well. It is a true testament to your writing ability to be able to write a pairing that is uncomfortable for you and make it seem as if it's been your OTP all along. *applauds* Awesome! 

Author's Response: Wow. Thanks *blushes*. It was odd trying a pairing that's different - and a darker style of fic than normal too. It's lovely to know that someone appreciates it *grin*.

Reviewer: TheTrioMakesMeHot Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/16/2007 08:59 AM Title: Dreams of Deliverance

I always read stories like this wanting not to like them - and it's not the slash part, but the Harry/Snape part (my mind just can't really wrap around that pairing) - but I will admit that well written Harry/Snape stories can be some of the hottest in fan fiction.

Assuming this one is finished where you left it, I'd say it's really good.  But if you continued it on to explore the relationship between them further, I'd say it has the potential to be really great!

Either way, well done at this point!

Author's Response: Thank you. Harry/Snape is not a pairing I ship at all, but I wrote this as a challenge to myself (and because my beta reader adores them). It's going to stay a one-shot, I think, so thank you for your kind words and taking the to review.

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