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Reviewer: mclaughlin Signed [Report This]
Date: 02/22/2011 11:20 PM Title: Chapter 1

Great story. And you're dead right! Minerva does know best. There is no guarantee that being left with family is the right thing. In most cases it isn't. Especially if said family is estranged from one another. I agree that Albus is pompous and full of his own self importance and even more so by placing Harry in an environment that has no tolorence for Magic as this was one of the worst things he ever did and this continues throughout the entire HP story including deliberately placing Harry in dangerous and precarious situations. Minerva seems to know what Lily would want for her only child's welfare and as you have stated correctly and in my opinion 'No way in Hell' would Lily want her muggle sister and her equally beligerant husband looking after Harry and making sure he was safe, looked after and made to feel as though he was wanted. Because of Albus' deliberate mistake in judgement Harry suffered through year of unnecessary abuse, neglect and felt that he was both a nuisence and a hindrance by 'Supposed Family' I am pleased that you had Minerva play a prank on Albus that would have made the Twins - Fred and George proud.

Author's Response: Thank you for such a nice review!  I can't forgive Dumbledore for leaving Harry with the Dursleys, knowing they would treat him with incredible cruelty.  And why didn't he ever check up on Harry?  He could have "popped in" once a year or so, while Harry and Dudley were at school.  "Just checking on things, Petunia," would have been enough to make sure Harry was treated decently.  The Dursleys would never have loved him, but they could have been scared into providing for him far better than they did.  I see Minerva as waiting for years to become Headmistress, knowing the slot won't be hers until Dumbledore dies or retires.  I'm sure she had her own ideas of how to improve the school, which Albus likely dismissed. 

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