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Most viewed - Lizardspots
Good Things Come To Those Who Wait1020 views08 Oct 2006
The Fine Line Between Love and Hate (color)554 views01 Mar 2006
This is a remix of an oooold piece of Harry/Draco art I did, which people still seem to like! I can't bear to look at it, it's so bad. So I thought it was high time I remixed it.
Knock Knock!553 views19 Jul 2004
Bit of Skirt518 views30 Nov 2005
...I guess I could say this was mildly inspired by the GoF movie, because Hermione and Ginny were looking quite chummy through out, weren't they? :D Aww, cuteness.
Real Wizards do it in KILTS!503 views06 Jan 2006
Collaboration with autumnmoon, myrafur, and squirmy

Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Severus Snape and Bill Weasley
untitled499 views14 Apr 2004
Girl Sirius463 views08 Dec 2004
So. It's 1976 (is that the right year?) and the Marauders (except Peter, who is off doing... something evil and mouse-y, no doubt) sneak into the Potions lab at dinner time. Sirius is convinced that they can make a potion that'll turn him into a babe magnet *snerk* but umm. Things go a little awry. *smiles innocently*
As Dawn Breaks450 views15 Jan 2006
Collaboration with myrafur
Merry Christmas, Fandom422 views24 Dec 2005

Have some Marauders Christmas art. :D :D :D
A Rose By Any Other Name412 views18 Feb 2006
This was layout art for the February seasonal skin on Walking The Plank.
Fresh Prey377 views23 Nov 2005
For shabzilla! ♥ I drew this 12 days ago at Snape's Pub with the regular london_t00bs. :D
Bed Warmer for Rent372 views31 May 2005
Collaboration with moshes
Fama Annus Sulum366 views29 Dec 2006
A spell for my enemies350 views31 May 2006
For the snape_the_hbp fest! Juuuust in time, wheee. Here we have young Snape experimenting on some unfortunate animals as he creates his latest spell: "Sectusempra".
Hush346 views03 Jan 2004
Early morning bliss. Awww...
Ambush344 views13 Dec 2004
James and Snape at school, hee.
Regret Isn't Enough331 views17 Aug 2006
Hurray, my kinda_lush pic is done!! :D I chose to illustrate the scene after the Shrieking Shack incident in Snape's 5th year, where Snape and Lupin are in the Hospital Wing together. Woe. ;__;
K-I-S-S-I-N-G329 views29 Nov 2005
For emmagrant01
Lingering Summer Evening326 views06 Jun 2005
Omg they are sooo cuddly and cute. *beams at no one in particular* I love this pairing. Inspired by moshes' recent Harry/Ron frenzy.Yi
The Fine Line Between Love and Hate (b/w)321 views26 Dec 2003
Though this pic is intended for everyone (cos I love y'all so damn much :D) it's officially an X-mas present for the oh-so-lovable hashire.
Dance Fever321 views29 Dec 2005
Gifty for d_copper
My Rules317 views09 Apr 2005
Gift art for xochiquetzl.
Orange Bunny316 views16 Apr 2006
Happy Easter, to those who celebrate it!
Benediction313 views20 Mar 2005
Collaboration with balefully
Ray of Hope313 views24 Apr 2006
Wah, the poor wee Harry! *snuggles him* :(
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