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  • The Captain's Interviews - Annie

    This month we are featuring interviews with each of our Captains. These are in good fun and we hope you not only learn something about us but also that you laugh. We never take ourselves too seriously and as you'll see from this interview...We know how to have a bit of fun at our own expense!


    1. How did the Quidditch Pitch come to be?
      I was up late one night flipping through different sites and realized there was no one site where you could read any rating/any pairing. The next morning I bought a domain name, asked Simons Flower and Madam Minnie to help admin, and it took three months to get things working so we could upload authors. I liked the idea of having one site where you could be a community through blogging, forums, stories, and I wanted something completely interactive. I hope that's what we've achieved thus far.

    2. Do you find it easiest to write in the mornings, afternoon, or at night?
      It's a combination usually. I'm up very early in the morning so I usually will try to write then. Evenings are good for me too. Afternoons don't work for me at all.

    3. Is Dumbledore dead, mostly dead, or Obi-Wan dead?
      I think he's dead. Harry knew it when the spell binding him to the wall was released. I don't think he's truly gone though but I doubt he'll interact like Obi-wan did. He told Harry one time that our love ones never truly leave us. Plus his portrait was sleeping!

    4. Give five words to describe yourself.
      Silly, intelligent, dependable, hard working, loyal.

    5. Word Association: Toothpick, comb, paddle, ginger, stormy, fuzzy wuzzy.
      Fuzzy Wuzzy-was a bear.

    6. What one sub-plot do you just want to smack JKR for? What part of the books do you dislike?
      Subplot-Grawp. Hands down Grawp. Maybe he'll play a big role in seven but ugh I can't see it. I don't like the way Tonks pined after Remus. I had an image of her as a strong female character and she wasn't until the very end of the book.

    7. Chocolate sauce and Rupert Grint or Chocolate sauce and Ron Weasley?
      Well…that's a really evil choice that I would have to make. I'm going to say Rupert only because he's real and not a fictional character.

    8. Worst pick up lines for the following characters: Snape, Luna, Neville, Zacharias Smith, Minerva McGonagall, Antonin Dolohov, Godric Gryffindor.
      Snape: Care to prove the rumors about nose size and cock size?
      Luna: I'd risk 1000 Nargles just for a taste of your lips.
      Neville: I've got a horny toad back at my flat. Want to see?
      Zacharias Smith: You handle your broomstick so well…Can I try it out?
      Minerva McGonagall: I want to watch you transfigure your pussy—cat.
      Antonin Dolohov: Did anyone ever tell you that you look like Peter Cushing? You know once you've had Muggle you never go back.
      Godric Gryffindor: Care to pierce me with your sword?

    9. How did you meet your co-captains?
      Lets see I met Minnie and Simons Flower at the same time when I began playing Ron opposite their Harry and Hermione in the Dungeon. I knew of Trisha through various stories she wrote and drooled over. Kerry I caught one of her stories Changes and fell in love with her writing. When I needed someone to play Harry in Auror Letters she volunteered. Shortly after we asked her to join as a Co-Captain. Dream_Wia_Dream I met in a Slushes chat. We got to know each other via an LJ post Q and A. She seemed like she would fit right in with us and she's a web developer so…here we are.

    10. What are your hopes for your daughters?
      Happiness, a good education, the ability to laugh at themselves, and the knowledge not to make the same mistakes I did.

    11. Who is your favorite character and why?
      I think most of you know this by know but it's Ronald Weasley. The reason why is because of his character. He's a normal boy who is put into the extraordinary situations. I find his loyalty, his friendship, and his willingness to protect his friends to be such admirable traits. He's not the smartest wizard, he's not an expert at anyone thing, and yet he brings so much to the story just through his heart.

    12. Movies vs Books! Which actor or actress has brought their character to life? Which actor or actress has done the most to destroy the book version you had in your head?
      I know everyone is going to think I'll say Rupert but honestly it's Rupert and Dan. I feel they have become those two characters so completely. Michael Gambon just is not Dumbledore to me. I know it's partly the director in Goblet of Fire but the scenes where he was so physical with Harry after his name was pulled out of the Goblet sat wrong with me. Richard Harris embodied Dumbledore in my view.

    13. Under what circumstances can Ron die? Harry? Hermione?
      None! I believe in happy endings. LOL. However I think if they all died as elderly wizards, the same night, in their beds, and wound up in the beyond together…That would make me happy.

    14. What is the appropriate punishment for killing Ron?
      Take away the writers chocolate and no smut for two weeks.

    15. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation where would it be?
      I'd like to go to England, Ireland, Scotland all in one trip. No, not just because of the Harry Potter movies. I would love to see all the old castles, the scenery, and all the history. Those are followed a close second by Vienna, Russia, and Israel.

    16. What advice would you give new fanfiction writers?
      Write. Be it drabbles, shorts whatever. Find a good beta, stick with Canon characters, and don't be afraid to put yourself out there.

    17. If you could give your children anything in the world what would it be?
      Independence and the ability to depend on themselves and be proud of who and what they are.

    18. Ron materializes in front of you what is he wearing.
      Black jeans, a black oxford unbuttoned, black boots. There's just nothing sexier than a red head in all black.

    19. You're trapped on an Island for five years. Who is the one person you'd like to be trapped with and what three things would you take with you?
      Now this is assuming you would be babysitting my children, ladies. I would probably take David Duchovny because smart is sexy. I'd take with me a collection of books, a pen, and several notebooks.

    20. What is your earliest memory?
      Men walking on the moon. It was totally fascinating.

    21. We'll give you a ship you give us a one word description:
      Harry/Ron: Mates
      Draco/Ron: Enemies
      Harry/Ginny: Canon
      Ron/Hermione: Canon
      Remus/Sirius: Puppylove
      Snape/Sirius: Hatred
      Harry/Remus: Educational
      Whomping Willow/Draco: Disturbing

    22. What is your favorite story you have written?
      I'm going to make this a two part answer. I'm going to answer for the two ships I primarily write which are Ron/Harry and Ron/Hermione.

      Ron's Three Step Strategy: Nc-17 Ron/Harry

      Home. It's a NC-17 Ron/Hermione.

    23. Do you reread your old fanfiction? Do you have a story you just hate?
      I've been know to reread the Dungeon more than anything. Do I have a story I hate? Ummm…I have some I think are awful like Teaching Lessons.

    24. If you were a witch what branch of magic would you specialize in?
      Charms. I'd love to be able to Accio things! Imagine the benefits of that when you need more coffee!

    25. Which book in the Harry Potter series is your favorite and why?
      It goes back and forth between Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince. Order of the Phoenix is just wonderful for character development and Half-Blood Prince finishes Harry's growth process from boy to man. I know quite a few people didn't like HBP but I really enjoyed it.

    26. What would you buy Ron as a birthday present?
      Chocolate Frogs, a broom servicing kit, and a free night at The Leaky Cauldron where I would be waiting with...

    27. What will be the fate of these characters at the end of Book 7? Snape, Draco, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lucius
      Snape: I think Wormtail will kill him. That will be his repayment of his Wizarding Debt to Harry

      Draco: I think he'll wind up in Azkaban despite the fact I don't believe he would have killed Dumbledore.

      Ron: I think he'll be very injured like in PS. However, I think he'll go on to live a great life.

      Hermione: She'll be the brains behind the final battle. She will also be injured but will live to have a great life with Ron.

      Lucius: He never sees the light of day again. I would love for Lucius to escape but *sigh* he most likely won't.

      Harry: This is the big one isn't it? I don't believe JKR will kill him. I hope that he defeats Voldemort and goes on to have the life he always dreamed of. *wibbles* He won't die!

    28. What is your biggest ambition for the Quidditch Pitch. What heights are you hoping to lead us to?
      I would like for us to be known as the site that has the most fun. I'm looking at adding Podcasts and more interactive features. I know I've always looked for a site that actually becomes a great community no matter how big it is. I guess it would be fun to be recognized by JKR too.

    29. You find yourself trapped in the Room of Requirement with Draco Malfoy, Ron Weasley, Harry Potter and Blaise Zabini, what’s going on and who’s wearing tartan boxers?
      Harry and Ron are snogging madly while Draco and Zabini are both forced to watch. They are both wearing tartan boxers and they cause chaffing.

    30. What Slash pairing has the most Canon to back it up?
      Harry/Ron-Oh come on! Ron's the thing that Harry would miss most! Notice that none of the other champions picked a boy or relative?

    31. Who would make the first move Harry or Ron?
      Ron! Harry tends not to notice things unless they are right in front of his face. Therefore it would take Ron snogging him senseless of him to get the picture.

    32. Where do you see yourself in ten years?
      Oh I hate this kind of question. Hopefully I'll be done with nursing school, making good money, and taking a trip with Simons Flower to England. Beyond that I'm pretty much a take things as they come kinda girl.

    33. You have Rupert & a can of whipped cream alone in a room together. Discuss your options.
      Well we could order room service and make ice cream sundaes. I could use it to decorate his body and then lick it off. He could do the same to me. We could find Dan and use it on him. The options are endless...

    34. What inspires you the most when you are writing?
      It's never just one thing. It could be a funny line from a song, a conversation, a single word. I also love making my co-captain thud.

    35. What character is the easiest for you to write? Which character is nearly impossible?
      Ron is the easiest for me to write. I generally hear his voice. The character that's nearly impossible is Snape...It takes a special sort of person to write Snape properly.

    36. Which house would you be in at Hogwarts and why? What would be your favorite subject? Your worst?
      I would like to say Gryffindor because I think I'm pretty loyal and brave. My favorite subject would be potions because I like blowing things up. My worst would be Diviniation--I can't see the beyond.

    37. What did you find was the hardest part about "breaking" into fandom?
      Acceptance by established authors but overall it's been a good experience for me.

    38. Which female from the Harry Potter universe would you like to go on a date with? Why? Which male? Why?
      Tonks. I imagine her to be just fun she would know all the cool places to go. Male? Ron Weasley because he's the fictional love of my life. LOL.

    39. Write your elegy (Annie’s not Ron’s) as Dungeon!Ron Weasley
      We are gathered here today to pay our respects to my writer. She was a smutty woman, a good woman, and I've forgiven her for having me attacked by Vampires. She once celebrated her birthday by having Hermione and I kidnapped by Antonin Dolohov, she had me AK fish, and she had me get snipped. She was twisted in the way only the truly mental can be and she will be missed.

    40. What is your most odd skill?
      Errr...I would say the ability to do multiple things at one time. Is that an odd habit? Errr. Other than that I would say I usually have at minimum 4 books in bed with me and I can talk like Yoda?

    41. What's the most creative spell you've read about? Why do you like it?
      I like the Leviocorpus. It would come in quite handy when my daughters are misbehaving or fighting.

    42. Each of your co-captains is a Harry Potter Character who are they and why?
      Madam_Minnie: Remus Lupin. She's loyal, intelligent, and she would make a great teacher.

      Dream_Wia_Dream: The twins. She's funny, intelligent, and she would get me in all sorts of trouble.

      Kerryblaze: Tonks. She's fun, she's brave, and she's got great fashion sense!

      Simons_Flower: Ravenclaw! Hermione. She's tough but fair, she color codes, and she's got a naughty streak that is pretty well hidden.