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Interview with Auntee Mame

Captain's Interview May - Auntee Mame

This month Two months ago we are were featuring interviews with each of our Captains. These are in good fun and we hope you not only learn something about us but also that you laugh. We never take ourselves too seriously and as you'll see from this interview...We know how to have a bit of fun at our own expense! Enjoy!

  1. From where do you hail?
    Originally Philadelphia, PA. South Philadelphia to be exact. Home of the cheese steak! Now, I'm in the First State - Delaware!

  2. How did you get your start in fandom? What drew you into writing fan fiction?
    A simple click on Yahoo's top searches led me to a HP fan fiction site. The first story I read was H/D, but I just didn't see it! Another click and I found and looked for Harry/Ron and found Mad Martha's story, Circles of Power. And the rest they say is history!

  3. You're having your Co-Captains over to play Harry Potter Scene it? What do you serve as appetizers? Which Captain would be drunk first? Who would win?
    I would serve fondue! Because I never did that before and I would want to try something new. I'm guessing Minnie would be the first to get drunk. I'd sure like to find out! I think it would be a close race, but I'm guessing Trisha would win!

  4. Are there any writers that inspire you? Any fandom writers?
    I've read so many different authors in my life and so many have impressed me with their abilities. But Madeleine L'Engle and her Wrinkle in Time series inspired me to read more when I was a child, so that always holds a special place in my heart. Shocolate's love and obsession for Harry and Ron always inspires me.

  5. What is your favorite Harry Potter Book? Why?
    Goblet of Fire because it was such a turning point in the series. The series grew-up and presented more issues for us to think about. And, of course, the Harry and Ron UST.

  6. Word association: Harry, Ron, Draco, Voldemort, Lucius, Molly, and Grawp.
    Harry = reluctant hero
    Ron = brave
    Draco = ferret
    Voldermort = maniac
    Lucius = powerful
    Molly = hugs
    Grawp = insignificant.

  7. Who is your favorite Character? Why?
    Ron Weasley because he's brave even when he's afraid and he'd do anything for his friends.

  8. You and said favorite Character are alone in Dumbledore's office. What line would you use to seduce them?
    Would you touch me so I can tell my friends I've been touched by an angel?

  9. Why did you join the staff of The Quidditch Pitch?
    I was honored to be asked to become a part of the staff because this is an archive that I believe was needed. A lot of the other archives are pairing specific or they aren't very active, meaning they aren't inviting new authors. I knew the other staff had a high commitment to making this archive special. So, how could I turn that down?

  10. You're having a dinner party and can invite three guests (real or fictional) who would you invite and why?
    J.K. Rowling because I would love to grill her on book seven! Harry and Ron so I could get them drunk and make them play truth or dare!

  11. What does your pen name stand for and how did you come by it?
    It's really boring. Kerry is my real life first name. I used to by Queenofdiamonds, but when I came to LJ I would've had to put dashes or numbers in there and I was tired of that. So I went with Blaze because a good friend of mine says that it should be my middle name because I never fade away. I always end something in a blaze of glory.

  12. In the books which character do you loathe? Why?
    Umbridge of course. She really represented pretty much every personality trait that I hate. She followed her faith blindly and refused to see anything logical. Also, she was passive-aggressive and that behavior makes me furious!

  13. Describe your Co-Captains in ten words or less.
    Wonderful, fun, wank-free, devoted, supportive, and caring!

  14. You're given a day to show JKR around your favorite city. What would you show her and give us three questions you would ask.
    I'd take her into Philadelphia and feed her cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, and water ice. I'd ask her - What did James and Lily do for a living? If Harry and Ron were gay, who would make the first move? Are any of the Hogwarts teachers married?

  15. The Captains and the following Characters have been chosen for the next MTV Road Rules extreme challenge. Characters: Ron, Harry, Fred, George, Ginny. Which of them would most likely wimp out? Which pair would win?
    I can answer that I would wimp out. I don't do physical stuff. LOL! I think Fred and George would win. They're stubborn and motivated and would probably wear everyone else down with their antics.

  16. What do you think Harry's fate will be in Book 7?
    Honestly, I really don't try to think about it. It's so long of a wait and I don't want to be disappointed. But I don't think that he will die - or at least not permanently.

  17. What special skill do you have that's a bit odd?
    I can touch the tip of my tongue with my nose. Yes, it got me into a lot of clubs when I was underage.

  18. You're meeting the actors from the Harry Potter movies you get to ask them one question each. What question do you ask? What do you think their response will be?
    All of the actors? LOL I'd love to talk to Alan Rickman and ask him if he really does know what Snape's entire story is. I'm guessing he'd tell me he couldn't answer that.

  19. What are your hopes for The Quidditch Pitch?
    I hope to have an art section and more conversations on the forums. And I hope we continue to attract authors that will help the site to continue to grow.

  20. What is your greatest accomplishment to date?
    Not marrying an asshole. Seriously, I had really, really bad taste in men, but I refused to settle down with them and eventually outgrew the attraction to men that treated me poorly, found a good man that I was actually attracted to, and married him.

  21. What four things could you not live without?
    Chapstick, my laptop, my cell phone, and a comfortable pair of pants!

  22. How did you come up with the Ten Commandments of Fandom?
    I think it was something Crys and I were going back and forth on in IM one night and I decided to put on my UI.

  23. Do you have any advice for first time submitters to the Quidditch Pitch?
    Be sure to find a beta, preferably not a friend, someone who will be honest with you. Take their advice seriously, but don't let it change your style. And write what you feel, not what you think people will read.

  24. In you're writing do find your own fetishes and kinks are parlayed into your stories?
    Sometimes. One of my most well received stories was Mission Accomplished, which had a foot fetish. Yet, I squick feet! I think they are there in more subtle ways.

  25. What are your favorite things about fandom?
    Being surrounded by such creative people. Everyday I'm amazed by something that someone did.

  26. Your Pet peeves?
    Wank. People that would rather complain than contribute.

  27. What is your motto?
    Don't take life too seriously.

  28. You're trapped in a room with Snape and Lucius. How do you escape? If you don't escape who would rescue you?
    I wouldn't even attempt to escape. I'd wait for Ron to come to my rescue!

  29. We know that you're a huge art fan. What is your favorite piece of art in fandom?
    My favorite piece is Miles and Miles by Ponderosa. I love how colorful it is, yet Harry and Ron are posed so simply. It's touching. How about in real life? In real life, I love a lot of work by James Christensen.

  30. You have handcuffs, whipped cream, and a feather. Which Harry Potter Character would you use them on?
    I wouldn't. I'd give them to Harry to use on Ron and then I'd ask to watch! ;)

  31. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?
    Right now, London. I prefer cities to beaches. I'd rather spend the say sitting in a café people watching then lying on a beach.

  32. You and your Co-Captains are vacationing together: Where do you go? San Francisco.
    Who is the touristiest? O_o Not sure. All of us.
    Who stays drunk the entire time? Haha All of us!
    Who will keep you up at night making you do crazy things, and who's most likely to get a tattoo that relates to Harry Potter? Anne and Melanie would keep us up all night and I probably would get the tattoo, since I've already got it all picked out!

  33. Why does Simons Flower keep killing Ron?
    Haha Just to make Annie cry!

  34. When you're writing do you see Dan Radcliff as Harry in your stories? How about Rupert as Ron?
    No, because normally I write Ron and Harry as adults, so I don't see the actors. I wish that I could draw because I do have a vision of them in my head that is quite stunning.

  35. What was the most shocking moment in the Harry Potter series thus far?
    Sirius dying. I wasn't involved in the fandom and didn't know that someone was supposed to die in OotP, so when it happened I was quite shocked.

  36. You're allowed to pick one Harry Potter character to take on a date. Where do you take them
    I'd take Ron to a hockey game.

  37. Each of your co-captains is a Harry Potter Character who are they and why?
    Trisha: Hermione 'cos she's smart and focused
    Annie: Ron 'cos she's funny and loyal
    Minnie: Snape (but I really think it's all an act! She's too caring.)
    Melanie: Luna or the twins 'cos she's funny and makes me laugh!

  38. What character (other than Voldemort) do you think that JKR will kill next? Why?
    Peter Pettigrew. I really fail at theories, but I think he is going to try to turn on Voldemort, not because he's good, but because he thinks that Voldemort is going to fail. So, Voldie kills him.

  39. You get an entire day to watch the filming of OotP-which scenes would you want to see filmed?
    The Department of Mysteries scene. I can't wait to see that in the movies. Though I worry that it will further make movie!Ron look stupid and inept.

  40. Parseltongue is sexy because?
    Oh, this is a question? I thought it was a statement. Parseltongue is sexy because it's dark and mysterious and there's hissing. But it's only sexy when Harry does it.