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Interview with Carma
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Editor's Choice for January - Carma

We arrived at the castle slightly early for our interview with Carma.  She is one of our Editor's Choice authors for her story Lace. We were climbing the stairs that lead from the sixth floor to the seventh where the Room of Requirement was located and Madam Minnie suddenly stopped in her tracks.

"Do you suppose—"

"No!" Simons Flower shook her finger. "No, no, no!"

Madam Minnie stuck her lower lip out and pouted. "But I was just going to ask."

"Oh, we know what you were going to ask," I muttered. "And not everyone is gay either."

Simons Flower and I each took one of her arms and began marching her up the stairs. 

"Everyone is gay," Madam Minnie insisted. "They just don't know it yet and I was just wondering about---"

"No!" Simons Flower pinched her arm. "You are not going to spend the entire interview thinking about what you would do to Severus Snape if he suddenly appeared.  You already had your fun when we interviewed Amanuesis!"

"I'm just saying—" Madam Minnie protested.

I cut off what she was saying as we located Carma.  We shook hands and sat down to begin our interrogation…I mean interview.

We sat down across from the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy and Simons Flower turned to Carma.

"Carma, first off we want to say how much we enjoyed your story," she began. "It made all three of us smile.  We were wondering when you became involved in the Harry Potter fandom and what drew you to write about the characters?"

Carma gave us a warm smile, a slight blush tinged her cheeks, and she ran a hand through her hair.

"I’ve been a fan of the Harry Potter books for years, and began reading fan fiction right after I read Goblet of Fire.  I started writing about them after Half-Blood Prince because I was so frustrated that Ron and Hermione hadn’t gotten together yet... officially."

I shook my head, longing for a cup of coffee, and frowned, "You would think they would have gotten the point by now wouldn't you?"

Carma chuckled, "You seem a bit bitter."

Madam Minnie giggled, "She wants Harry to catch them snogging!"

"So do I," Carma grinned and patted my hand. "It will happen and if not we can just write about it!"

"Along those same lines," I sighed. "In dealing with our frustration over the lack of "action" between Ron and Hermione—if there was one question you could ask JKR what would it be?"

"Will you adopt me?" Carma waggled her eyebrows and Simons Flower laughed.

"There are just so many unanswered questions," Madam Minnie frowned. "Like, Sn—"

"Don't say it!"  Simons Flower and I exclaimed in unison. "Focus!  The Prince is not coming!  Carma is meeting Ron here!"

Madam Minnie huffed for a moment and took a deep breath.

"Carma," she smiled. "Who is your favorite character and what do you think their theme song would be?"

"My favorite character," Carma grinned. "This is a bit shocking."

I held my breath waiting for her to say Snape or Hagrid but she giggled.

"Ron is my favorite.  He’s just so lovable!" She paused. "His theme song would be Sex and Candy by Macy's Playground." 

"Really?" I breathed, drifting off for a moment as I thought of Ron covered in chocolate.

Simons Flower snapped her fingers causing Madam Minnie to laugh and Carma to join in.

"Come back to us, Annie," she grinned.

"Carma patted my leg, "No, not really.  I think his theme song would be Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie."

I tried to compose myself and force the image of Ron covered in chocolate out of my head.  Simons Flower nudged me and asked Carma our next question.

"Outside the Harry Potter world, what is your favorite movie?"

"A League of Their Own" Carma smiled. "It's such a good movie!"

Madam Minnie leaned in and whispered, "Let's say you're at Hogwarts." She paused and her eyes glazed over for a moment.  " You're looking for a place to snog/shag.  Which character would you want to be with and where?"

"Ron plus the Room of Requirement," she gestured at the tapestry. "Equals endless possibilities." She paused and ran a hand through her hair again. "How about you three."

"Ron, of course," I licked my lips. "Prefects bath because a wet! Ron is a good Ron."

"Harry," Simons Flower chimed in behind me. "In the Quidditch Changing room."

"Sn—" Madam Minnie started to say and Simons Flower shook her finger at her. "I'm not allowed to answer that question.  You would think I was going to say Voldemort."

Carma's laughter bounced off the stone walls of the castle and I stuck my tongue out at Madam Minnie.

"What is your favorite HP book and why?" I asked.

"Goblet of Fire because it was so different from the rest," she paused and winked at me. " The Yule Ball scene was my favorite of the series."

"They did a great job with that scene in the movie," Madam Minnie replied. "Harry and Ron really were horrible dates!" 

"They were," Simons Flower agreed. "One can only hope they get better as they get older." She took a deep breath and turned to Carma again. "What do you think was the most shocking moment of the series to date."

"The means by which Dumbledore died," she looked at Madam Minnie and frowned. "Stop thinking about him."

Madam Minnie did her best to look innocent and quickly changed the subject, "Did you ever wonder how many licks it takes to get to a center of a Tootsie Pop?"

Simons Flower and I stared at her for a moment and burst out laughing.

"What!  I've always wondered," she looked at Carma. "Do you know the answer?"

 Couldn’t tell you!" she grinned, "I only like the cherry or raspberry flavored ones, though."

Simons Flower shifted to lean against the wall and asked, "If you could choose Harry's fate, what would you choose for him and why?"

Carma was silent for several minutes and a slow smile spread over her face.

"Harry should defeat Voldemort, marry Ginny Weasley and have 928793274 children.  Hey, why not?  The kid deserves it!"

I shuddered, "That's a lot of kids!  I've got two and that's about all I can handle."  I shifted on the floor and crossed my ankles. "What inspires you to write?"

"Usually reading non-Harry Potter books," she grinned. "Or sitting in class with a boring Professor."

"See, for Annie," Madam Minnie giggled. "It's the car.  She gets in the car and suddenly gets these evil bunnies."

"We've hired an exterminator," Simons Flower chuckled, " What advice would you give other writers?"

"Wow, um.  I don’t think I’m experienced enough to be giving advice…" she blushed as she paused to consider the question. "Do what I do and write about what you’d like to see happen!"

Madam Minnie looked at her watch, glanced longingly at the tapestry across the hall, and sighed.

"Ladies, we have to get going."

We all heard someone whistling and turned to see a rather handsome redhead coming up the stairs.  His blue eyes widened when he saw us and waggled his eyebrows at Carma.

"You brought friends?" Ron grinned. "Blimey!"

I nodded my head but Madam Minnie and Simons Flower started dragging me away.

"Let me go back," I whinged. "Guys come on!"

"No, we've got work to do," Simons Flower insisted. "Come along now."

I turned back to face Ron and Carma, struggling against Simons Flower and Madam Minnie's grips on my arms.

"Do you love us," I called out as they started pacing in front of that tapestry.

Carma winked and called back, " Yes!  I love everyone!"

In a flash she was gone because Ron had pulled her into the Room of Requirement.

Damn…That could have been me!

I glared at Madam Minnie and Simons Flower the rest of the way to the main hallway.