Owner's Box

The Owner's Box

Here's where you'll find the information you need to navigate around the Quidditch Pitch.


.: The Quidditch Pitch :. – Our main story site. You'll find stories and links to news announcements right here.
.: Quidditch Trading Cards :. – Our art gallery. You'll find our artist of the month here along with their work.
.: The Captain's Pitch :. – Our LiveJournal. You'll find our digest, important announcements, and links right through your friends pages.
.: Quaffle Talk (LiveJournal) :. – Our podcast LiveJournal!
.: Quaffle Talk (My Space) :. – Our podcast My Space page!

Information at your fingertips:

.: Submission Guidelines and Terms of Service (ToS) :. – Submission Guidelines and Terms of Service: Please read carefully before submitting a story.
.: Author Guidelines :. – How to become an author at the Quidditch Pitch.
.: How to become a Quidditch Assistant :. – Information you need to become a beta reader for the Quidditch Pitch.
.: Quidditch Assistant Guidelines :. Valuable information about our beta staff. Their rulebook, if you will.
.: Story Warnings :. – Definitions and examples for the warnings used on TQP.
.: Story Genres :. – Definitions and examples for the genres used on TQP.

About Us:

.: FAQs :. – The Captains answer some frequently asked questions.
.: Site Icons and Banners :. – Designed by Captain Trisha (simons_flower) and others.
.: The Staff :. – The hard-working staff that makes the site go.
.: Our Captains :. – Everything you ever wanted to know about your Quidditch Captains.

Reference Material:

.: Category Guide :. – A comprehensive guide to our categories.


As most of you know the MPAA will no longer allow us humble archives to utilize their ratings system. Below is the rating system The Quidditch Pitch will use.

GPGeneral Public – Stories suitable for anyone.
FGFamily Guidance – Stories suitable with parental consent.
FG-13Family Guidance-13 – Stories suitable for those 13 years or older.
MTMature Themes – Stories suitable for those 16 or older.
RTRestricted Themes – Stories suitable for those at least age 17 or the legal age of consent in your country of residence.


To submit a story to The Quidditch Pitch you must first register for the site with the following procedure:
  1. Choose a pen name and furnish a valid email address.
    • Please note that email address are used for admin purposes only. They cannot be seen by users of the site and are not given to anyone else.
  2. Choose a password
  3. You'll then be able to log in and enjoy all the wonderful features of the site.

Above all, enjoy yourself and review what you read!

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