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Interview with Lion_Ron
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Affiliate Interview - Harry/Ron 100

This month we also have the pleasure of sitting down withmr_yer_on_fire from Lion_Ron, a Ron-centric community on LiveJournal.

  1. How Did Lion_Ron come to be?
    I've always loved a dominant Ron, and also really liked the animalistic imagery (usually that of a lion) I found used with him in a lot fan fiction I read. The scene in the Prisoner of Azkaban movie when Ron eats the candy that makes him roar…well, that is quite possibly the hottest scene in cinematic history and something needed to be done about that. So, after trying to gauge the interest of others in such a community, I finally set it up.

  2. Explain the concept of Lion_Ron.
    Lion!Ron is a dominant Ron. Not necessarily always a "top" but always the one in control. Assertive, willful, stubborn, and fierce, this is the side of Ron that got him into Gryffindor. Lion_Ron is a place for people who love this aspect of his character, and know that he is not a wuss like some might make him out to be.

  3. Tell us a bit about how the site works.
    Pretty much like any community, I suppose. We have moderated submissions, but aren't harsh with accepting things. One thing I really pride the community on is our friendliness. I like to get to know all of my members, encourage them to post, and generally accept everyone. We're all there because we love Ron, so why not make friends and get along? Obviously, I don't do all of this myself, either- hardly. My co-mod, enders_girl, is an amazing help and I could never do it (or anything, probably) without her!

  4. What are your future plans for Lion_Ron?
    Well, in all honesty, I've been procrastinating a bit to get out a post announcing a new challenge. But, yes, a new challenge will be in store. I plan to continue along the same course we've been going, hopefully to continue to recruit new people and just have a good time with everyone there.

  5. What has been the most satisfying thing you've taken away from your experience managing Lion_Ron?
    I definitely have to say the friends I've met. All of the members are such lovely people and I am so happy to have met them all. It really is like a wonderful little family over there.