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Interview with Marksykins
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Editor's Choice for February - Marksykins

We only got lost once on our way to Number 4 Privet Drive where we meeting Marksykins, one of our Editor's Choice Authors for the month of February.

"Can you tell me again," I mumbled. "Why we are doing this interview in Harry's cupboard under the stairs?"

Simon's Flower rolled her eyes at me, "Because you got us in trouble at Hogwarts last time."

"I got us in trouble?" I growled. "Madam Minnie's the one who handcuffed herself to Snape and declared his innocence to the world."

"Yes, but you tried to seduce Ron in Dumbledore's chair," Madam Minnie pointed out.  I couldn't deny the charge.

"I would have succeeded, too, if it wasn't for you meddling kids!"

"Wrong fandom, Annie," Simon's Flower smirked. "All right we're here.  Can the two of you behave?"

"No!" Madam Minnie and I exclaimed in unison.  "Just pick the lock and get on with it."

We entered the silent house, looking around for the Dursley's, and we carefully made our way to the cupboard.  Simon's Flower did the shave and a hair cut knock and Marksykins responded with the standard "two bits".

"I feel like I'm in  Who Framed Roger Rabbit ," Madam Minnie muttered as we were let into the cupboard.

We introduced ourselves to Marksykins and she greeted us warmly.  She blushed prettily and grinned. "First off, let me start by saying I'm all embarrassed and pleased and blushy right now.  Thank you so much!"

"Your stories truly deserve the honor," Simon's Flower.

Markyskins and Madam Minnie sat down on the edge of Harry's old cot and I heard the distant wail of police sirens in the distance.

"You don't suppose," I said softly and shrugged my shoulders. "No, they couldn't be coming for us."

"You'll have to excuse Annie," Madam Minnie grinned. "She types out loud too." 

Simon's Flower nudged me and I asked Marksykins our first question. "When did you become involved in the Harry Potter fandom and what drew you to begin writing about the characters?"

The sirens grew closer and Marksykins frowned before answering, "I started reading the books around Goblet of Fire, but I didn't get drawn into fandom until I read Order of the Phoenix.  I bought the book the day after it came out because I saw it on sale -- I had originally planned on waiting a few weeks until the price dropped.  That's unfathomable now -- and devoured it in less than a night.  I fell in love with caps-lock Harry and started seeking out fic the next day."

Simon's Flower sighed dreamily at that causing Marksykins to giggle before continuing "The writing followed naturally about two months later; I've always written, and I had so many ideas about what I wanted to happen next."

Madam Minnie stood up and peeked out the door of the cupboard.  She gasped and quickly stuck her head back inside.

"The Dursley's are home!"  Her eyes widened as she picked up the faint sounds of the police cars. "I think they called the police on us!"

Simon's Flower flushed bright red. "Err, no, that's not possible."

Madam Minnie turned to Simon's Flower and tapped her foot. "What did you do?"

Simon's Flower ignored Madam Minnie and turned to Marksykins. "Which Harry Potter character is your favorite and why?"

Marksykins bit her lip nervously. "Should I be worried that a Scotland Yard van just pulled up in front of the house?"

"We best hurry." Simon's Flowers eyes darted nervously around the room. "I might have gotten us into a bit of trouble."

Marksykins picked up Harry's pillow. "Harry, always Harry.  His life has been so hard, and I love that JKR lets him have emotions about that, but he's still brave and a leader and he loves his friends.  I once called Harry the great fictional love of my life, and that's still the best way to describe how I feel about him."

The door to the cupboard flew open and suddenly we were pulled out by London's finest.  They eyed us up and down and declared, "You have the right to remain silent…Anything you say can and will…"

"What did you do?" I hissed at Simon's Flower as they put us in handcuffs. "Don't you think Madam Minnie is enjoying being cuffed too much?"

They drug us from the house and I growled at Simon's Flower, "You are paying for the phone call to kerryblaze and Dream_Wia_Dream. Thank God they didn't come with us on this trip!"

Marksykins was protesting loudly and I kicked Simon's Flower on the rear end.

"Look!  Look at what's happening!  They're arresting our editor's choice author!"

"Could you tighten the cuffs?" Madam Minnie purred to the tall police officer that was leading her to a large van outside. "I like it rough."

They tossed us all into the van and all I could do was gesture helplessly at Marksykins. "I'm really sorry about all this.  Since we're here could we continue the interview?"

"I'm really curious about what the hell the three of you did!" Marksykins frowned. "Why would Scotland Yard be after you?"

Madam Minnie sighed happily, "I like the cuffing part though.  I'm sure Simon's Flower is going to tell us why we've been arrested."

"I'm not saying anything until the interview is complete," Simon's Flower sighed. "I'll explain it all then"

Marksykins took a deep breath. "Fine! But the three of you are getting me out of this!"

I nodded, "We will we promise!  Se Spotwood said we could call her if we got into a jam.  If we can't reach her we can always call shocolate.  She'll understand."

Marksykins relaxed somewhat and Madam Minnie asked the next question.

"Outside the Harry Potter world, what is your favorite movie?"

Marksykins laughed. "Heathers.  There's just something about bitchy girls who go on murder sprees with their off-balance boyfriends."

"I'm about to murder someone," I muttered under my breath and glared at Simon's Flower. "Then you'll see bitchy."

Simon's Flower interrupted my mini-rant and asked, "If there was one thing you could ask JKR, what would it be?"

"I have a two part answer for this," Marksykins grinned. "I'd ask her I'd ask her not to kill Harry." She winked at us. "Less seriously I'd ask her if she had to pick two characters to slash, who would they be and why."

"I'd ask her why we were arrested," Madam Minnie muttered and jangled her cuffs. "Do you think they would let me keep these?"

We hit a particularly hard bump in the road and it knocked me out of my seat. I fell on the floor of the van with a thud and glared at Simon's Flower.

"That was your fault too!  No smut for you!" I tried to get up but with my wrists cuffed behind my back I couldn't. "Marksykins," I asked as I tried to summon a bit of dignity. "What advice would you give other writers?"

She looked down at me and tried not to laugh at my predicament. "This will sound clichéd, but just write.  Write as much as you can, as often as you can.  And then edit a lot.  Get a beta reader if you can.  Also, jot down ideas on napkins or post-its or your hand so you don't forget them later!  There are so little squares of yellow paper in my life."

Simon's Flower sighed happily, "I love post-its.  They come in all sorts of colors." She paused and smirked down at me. "If you could choose Harry's fate, what would you choose for him and why?"

"I bet it wouldn't be getting arrested by Scotland Yard," Madam Minnie grinned. "This is actually kind of fun and it was humorous when Annie fell off the seat."

"Shut up, Madam Minnie!" I growled. "We're really very nice ladies, Marksykins."

Marksykins shook her head sadly, "If he's living and happy, I'll be satisfied, but if I'm getting the fantasy life here, I'd hope for a life of threesome-y love with Ron and Hermione, a life of snarking with Draco, or a life of getting down and dirty in the garden with Neville.  Because that would make me happy!"

The sound of the sirens was getting on my nerves and I shook my head to clear it.

"What is the most shocking moment in the Harry Potter series?" I asked and Madam Minnie opened her mouth to speak. "No, this isn't about you!" I said, glaring at her.

Marksykins bit her lip to keep from laughing and quickly sobered, "Oh God, that 'Kill the spare' moment in GoF gets me every.  Single.  Time.  It's so sudden and horrible."

Simon's Flower nodded. "Seeing it on screen was just as horrible.  So in staying with the line of questioning—which Harry Potter book is your favorite?"

Marksykins leaned forward as far as her cuffs would allow and sighed. "Order of the Phoenix".  I know I'm practically alone in this, but I love everything about that book.  I love Harry's anger, and Neville's importance, and Luna's wackiness, and Tonks's klutziness, and the prophecy, and the flashbacks to the Marauders.  And I hate when people underestimate its importance to the arc.  So much happens!"

We all nod in agreement and Simon's Flower mutters, "That's why I wanted a Harry of my own from Order of the Phoenix."

Marksykins and I exchanged a nervous glance and I asked my next question, "You're at Hogwarts and are looking for a place to snog/shag.  Which character would you want to be with and where?"

Marksykins laughed, "Hahaha!  Oh, I don't know.  How about Cedric Diggory in the Prefect's Bath with the candlestick?"

Madam Minnie grinned. "That's kinky!  Do you know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop?"

"Why does she still need the answer to that?" I muttered as Marksykins answered.

"Hey, Mr. Owl..." She grinned.

I sighed and hummed a bit of my personal theme song, the song that always makes me feel better, and Simon's Flower nudged me.

"What is she doing?" Marksykins asked as the van pulled up in front of Scotland Yard.

"She's making herself feel better," Simon's Flower rolled her eyes. "It's her theme song. What do you think Harry's theme song would be?"

Marksykins shook her head. "I'm so no good at these things.  Considering my writing past, though, probably something by The Smiths or The Beatles.  The Long and Winding Road," maybe.  Poor Harry."

They hauled us from the van and lead us into the heavily guarded station.  I sighed as they began taking our pictures and I heard Madam Minnie whisper to Marksykins.

"Do you still love us?"

Marksykins looked a bit nervous and as they turned me to take a profile shot she answered.

"If I say no, do I still get to be Editor's Choice?  This is a silly question; of course I love you!"

I wonder how long until we can call Sespotwood. I think I heard someone call us fresh meat.