Story Warnings - Definitions and Examples

Alternate UniverseStories that occur when a major canon event has been changed or has never occured, thus altering the entire story-line altogether. After regaining his body at the end of 'Goblet of Fire', Voldemort decides that trying to defeat Harry is impossible, so he gives up his "Dark Wizarding" dreams to run away to Vegas to become a lounge singer.
AngstA fic with a lot of introspection, moodiness, and oftentimes severe character whinging.Blaise wanders around the castle wearing black and complaining that Pansy couldn't ever love him.
BDSMBondage, domination, sado-masochism. Sexual gratification received from tying up, dominating, receiving or giving pain.Lucius likes to tie up Severus. Severus likes Lucius to yell at him and beat him with wet leather panties.
BeastialityA sexual relationship between a human and an animal.Crabbe stands on the shore of the lake, covered in bits of fish to entice the Giant Squid to "get jiggy" with him.
BloodplaySexual gratification received from seeing, tasting, touching, smelling blood, or causing blood to be spilled.Remus gasped as the sharp blade pressed into his skin, leaving a shining red trail behind. He whimpered and shuddered at the intense feelings as Kingsley pressed fingers to either side of the cut to encourage the flow of blood.
BondageTying or being tied up for sexual gratification.As Draco was tied spread-eagle, face down on the table, he couldn't help but wonder just where he had left his wand.
BreathplayControlling your own, or your partner's oxygen intake to bring about or intensify sexual pleasure.Strong fingers wrapped around his throat as the body above him began to thrust more quickly. Theo's world faded to grey as the last of the oxygen in his lungs was consumed. He gasped in a breath and came harder than he ever had before as the delicate fingers released him and air flooded back into his system.
CanonIn the books or directly from the book. "If you're going to kill Harry you'll have to kill us too.
ChanA relationship in which one of the participants is younger than the age of consent. Similar to Underage.Remus helped Harry make more "happy memories" together to strengthen his Patronus. Before long, the pair were making "happy memories" 3 or 4 times a day. The boy is insatiable, Remus thought to himself as roused and began trailing wet kisses along his jaw.
Character DeathA fic wherein a character dies.Hermione died during the final battle by taking an Avada Kedavra aimed at Ron and Harry.
Contains Spoiler for DHSome prominent plot points of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" are referenced in the story. 
Contains Spoiler for HBPSome prominent plot points of "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" are referenced in the story.Snape is the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor during Harry's 6th Year.
CrossdressingWearing clothing traditionally reserved for the opposite gender.Voldemort liked wearing frilly pink knickers. They made him feel pretty.
D/SDomination/submission - A relationship or situation where one person dominates either physically or mentally over another.Harry found it exciting when Ron said to him, "You're mine," while being forced to kneel in front of him.
Drug UsageCharacters use illegal or illicit drugs.Peter finds out that snorting Floo Powder kills brain cells. But only the weak ones.
Dub-ConDubious Consent. When one character seems like they don't completely accept the situation they are in. Most often dubious consent to a sexual situation or practice.She wasn't sure if it was the alcohol or something else, and she wasn't sure if she said yes, but here they were in his bedroom with nothing on but a smile.
ExhibitionismBehavior which involves "flashing" ones "naughty bits" in public. Generally refers to a deliberate display, usually to titillate.Draco was shocked when he turned to his right at breakfast and found he could look right down Pansy's robes and see everything. He was even more surprised when she knew he was looking and didn't move to cover herself.
FanonMaking use of fandom ideas and characterizations. Draco learned he was a veela in early summer and he also decided then and there to get Harry Potter. He knew just when to do…After all even part veela's go through a period of heat.
FemSlashStories containing a relationship between two women. Generally accepted to imply a sexual relationship.Fleur leaves Bill to run off with Luna to hunt crumple-horned snorkacks. Luna tells Fleur that they are attracted by naked Veelas. She uses this excuse to ravish Fleur repeatedly.
GenNot relationship-centric. Usually refers to a fic in which relationships are very much "off-page" and not a central plot device.Molly knew how much danger her children were in. She had nightmares everynight about it. She was a mother, she wanted a future for her children, and she could no longer see one.
Graphic ViolenceContains graphic descriptions of violence.After Lucius had beaten him with a cane, the other Death Eaters got in on the act. When they were done, he barely looked human.
HetStories containing a relationship between a man and a woman. Generally accepted to imply a sexual relationshipRon and Hermione finally get together and have lots of hot monkey a relationship.
Hurt/ComfortA story in which one character comforts another. Could be a hurt caused by same character or by an outside source. As always after he'd been put under Cruciatus by his fellow Death Eaters, Harry tended to Draco's wounds.
IncestA sexual relationship between two related people. Colin and Dennis Creevey have a very close relationship. And they like to take pictures of themselves getting "close".
Love/HateA relationship, antagonistic in nature which is driven by both love and hatred at the same time. Generally a confrontational relationship.Harry hates Draco. Yet, he is strangely obsessed with the boy. He always wants to know what he's "up" to. One day, Harry corners Draco in a rarely used hallway to demand that he reveal what he's been doing. When Draco refuses, Harry shoves him against a wall. And after a minute's contemplation, Harry surges forward, capturing Draco's mouth in a heated kiss.
Major FluffThe majority of the story or storyline is based on overly-romanticized language, situations or actions. Oliver thought it sweet that, when Percy wanted to seduce him, he went all out with candles and a home-cooked meal after cleaning the entire house -- even the Floo! -- and scenting the sheets with the floral scent Oliver found most appealing.
MasturbationHaving sex with one's self, bashing the bishop, beating your meat, choking the snake, bopping the baloney, choking the chicken, spanking the monkey, jerking the gherkin, wanking, playing pocket pool, romancing the bone, slapping the salami, flogging the dolphin, jack off, jerk off, stroke off, dating Rosy Palmer.Every night, Justin Finch-Fletchley (he even calls himself by his full name) lies safely behind the curtains of his bed, stroking himself to thoughts of Terry Boot.
Minor Character DeathDeath of a minor character in the plotline of the story.Stan Shupike gets run over and killed by the Knight Bus.
Minor FluffPart of the story is based on romanticized situations.Harry stood at Ginny's door with flowers - not roses, she hated roses, but daffodils - to apologize for his earlier behavior.
Movie CanonFic that makes use of the movies as canon basis rather than the books.Hermione didn't understand the fuss about Harry's Firebolt, but kept mum about it.
M-PregMale Pregnancy.Harry likes to keep Snape barefoot and pregnant.
NecrophilliaA living person having intimate relations with a dead body.Bellatrix Lestrange prefers the company of Inferi in her bed to her own husband.
Non-ConNon-consensual. When one is forced to do something against their will. Her repeated "no" had nothing against the pull of the lust potion.
OCOriginal Character. A character in a story created by an author (not JKR)Much to Hermione's surprise, she and Ron had six children. This is the story of the eldest.
OrgyFour or more people concurrently having sex with each other.What happens in the Gryffindor Common Room, STAYS in the Gryffindor Common Room. However, Colin still takes out the pictures every once in a while to try to figure out how Harry, Ron and Hemione held that position for so long.
Public SexSex in a public place. Generally done for the thrill of possibly getting caught.Harry and Ron liked to shag in rarely used corridors at the Ministry of Magic between meetings.
RapeNon-consensual or forced sex.He held her down by hands around her throat while having his way.
RimmingAnal-Oral sex.Bill moaned as he felt Neville's tongue dip between his arsecheeks.
RSTResolved Sexual Tension.After seven years of dancing around each other, Ron finally took Hermione in his arms and kissed her speechless.
ScatA sexual fetish involving feces.After extensive research into sexual perversions Golye discovered that Pansy truly enjoyed ending the evening with a good, old fashioned Cleaveland Steamer.
SlashA sexual relationship between two men.Kingsley enjoyed it when Minister Scrimgeour writhed underneath him.
Strong LanguageMay contain offensive language or swearing."Damn you, I said get the sodding hell over here!"
Strong Sexual ContentCharacters making whoopie.Hermione moaned as she felt Charlie slide into her as his strong arms wrapped around her from behind.
SuicideA character ending his or her own life.After Harry turned Draco down for the third time, Draco no longer felt his life worth living and cast the Killing Curse upon himself.
ThreesomeThree people having sex together.Viktor and Cedric managed to convince Fleur that this was the proper way champions got to know each other. Naked.
TwincestIncest involving twins.Fred and George have always done everything together, so it was only natural that they shag like bunnies at every available opportunity.
UnderageOne or more characters in a sexual relationship are under the age of consent. Similar to Chan.Before returning to Hogwarts for their third year, Ginny confessed her romantic feelings to Luna.
VampirismCan refer to either the actual act of taking blood for sustenance or sexual gratification. Or the imitation of the act by non-vampires.In the Wiltshire countryside, the death of animals went unnoticed. Draco had no idea how he'd feed once he returned to Hogwarts - puncture wounds are so difficult to cover.
ViolenceContains descriptions of violence.Lucius smiled. Harry's skin showed the marks of his hands so well.
VoyeurismWherein one character watches. Can refer to watching one or more characters in a sexual situation or any generally private act.Harry watched as Ron led Hermione to the bed, shedding their clothing as they went. He stripped his own when Hermione smiled at him.
WatersportsSexual gratification received by urine-play.Severus shuddered with pleasure as he felt the hot urine splash against his bare stomach.
WeasleycestIncest involving any of the Weasleys.Ron was confused by his feelings for Harry, but he knew that Bill would help him learn what it took to please a man.