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I am memoralizing Simons_Flowers bio.   Simons_Flower passed away August 5, 2009.  She was a co-founder of The Quidditch Pitch, a mother,  a writer, a sister, and the best friend anyone could ask for.   We miss her terribly and not a day goes by that we don't feel the loss.  However, we do have all her stories here and she would love for you to enjoy her stories and please leave a review!
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Challenges by simons_flower

Chain My Heart
My Twisted Valentine Challenge

We are collaborating with [info]darkones, [info]harry_and_ron and [info]hpship_add on this one.


  1. At least 500 words
  2. Must relate to Valentine's Day
  3. Must use at least one of the following elements: BDSM, bondage, D/S, master/slave, sex toys, or items/scenarios similar to those specifically mentioned
  4. Due by 28 February 2006
  5. Must meet the guidelines of the community it will be posted within
Let's get cracking!
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