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What can I say? I'm a scatterbrained twenty-year old from deep in the heart of Texas;  as a college student, Veterinary Technician, and an athlete, a mucisian and a writer, if I'm not writing, chances are I'm in a sword-fight with someone (and probably being stabbed by an epee), I'm attending to an animal in need, or I'm locked away studying something Biomedical Sciences-ish. Whichever way, it's fun all around, yeah? *grins*

My writing:

I like to explore characters that often are not focused on in the books, and put them in situations that are realistic for the Harry Potter series as we know it. I think this is why I enjoy the Marauder Era so much--we know bits and flashes of their story, Harry's history, but there are enough gaps left to present an enjoyable challenge when it comes to setting this living history to paper. You might notice that I tend to be somewhat of a romantic as well, and have fallen in love with the tragic tales of James and Lily, Alice and Frank.


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