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I fell into fandom quite by accident (by following a link to Harry/Ginny art from a completely unrelated site -- and MY GOD who knew something so fantastic as fanfic existed!) and haven't looked back since. 

Generally, I am a Snarry-er, though I started out as a Harry/Ginny shipper, and believe me, nobody was more surprised than I was when I finally took a chance on a Snarry fic and was absolutely wrecked for two weeks.  It sort of ate my brain, but I didn't dare write it until two years ago, nearly three now.  As a result, you will find here (eventually) not only my Snarrys but also Harry/George, Neville/Percy, a single Harry/Draco, and if I ever finish it, a Neville/Harry that is a sequel to a Wankfest fic, amongst some others.  I love to read Harry/Ron when I want something cozy, but I've never been inspired to write it.

I have a serious Weasley boy kink, absolutely yummy, all of them, but I'm a Harry girl, first and foremost.  As long as my boy is happy, I am too.


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