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I am a man. A homebody. An artist. A boyfriend. A wood rabbit. A chef.
A writer. An intellectual stoner. A renaissance soul. A brother. A
masochist. An enigma. A Pisces. A pessimistic optimist. A friend. A son.
A sexy wonk. A consumer. An heterosexual. A great kisser. A hippie. A
hippie. A romantic. A jack of all trades. A master of none. A mommas
boy. An idealist. A realist. A gardener. An obsessive compulsive. An older
brother. A younger brother. An uncle. A nephew. A student. A knight.
An adventurer. A mad scientist. A sculptor. a jester. A bibliophile. A
know-it-all. A bookworm a hiker. An illusion. An innocent. A culprit. A
dork. A baker. A sun (and sin) enthusiast. An addict. A naturalist. A yogi. A
dreamer. An excon. A cynic. A tease. A lover. A teacher. A superhero. A
geek. A devil. A saint. A sinner. A walking contradiction. An irony. A lost
cause. A chocolate chaser. A procrastinator. A good deed doer. An
individual. A liberal. A socialist. A communist. A capitalist. A second born
(of a second born). A bath buff. A fighter. A survivor. I am a man of
yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
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