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I'm currently obsessing over anything Harry Potter. My two favorite HP pairings are Drarry and Siremus. Other than them i like Sirry, Theville, Scorbus, Narry, and Neverus. I think all of them would be cute together, though obviously Drarry is my favorite OTP. 
My two favorite HP characters are Neville Longbottom and Draco Malfoy. Neville because he goes from this shy, clumsy, awkward kid, to a strong, brave, leader who stands up to Voldemort himself. Draco because even though he acts tough you can tell he's just insecure and even as much as he hates Dumbledore he still can't bring himself to kill him. Plus, i just love how his character acts; that is also the reason why my penname is Haruka Malfoy. 
Other things I love are TeamStarkid, Japan, Korea, Pandas, reading/writing fanfics, and music. I listen to pretty much any type of music, though most of my favorites [[artists,songs, etc]] are foreign.
I've always loved to write and i don't just write stories. I love to write poems and songs as well, though i'm not that good. I've tried to write a full book before, but i can never keep the story going. Then i started to read fanfics and i thought i'd try it. So far i love it. Mainly because it can be as short or as long as you want it to be, you don't have to worry as much. Another reason is because it is fun getting to write a story of people who i wanted to be together but weren't. It makes me happy to read and write it. I know that even if nobody like my stories, i would still write them because it calm's and relaxes me [[unless i am having writers block]]. 
Anyways, about me.. I am an 18 year old, soon to be 19, female. I'm generally a shy person, but am slowly coming out of my shell. I have a facebook account: if you want to be my friend. Everyone thinks i'm a 'Good Girl', but really i'm not. I have a very perverted mind, which i am kind of proud of sometimes, lol. [[it annoys my sister cause my mind is always in the gutter lol]] If i ever went to Hogwarts, i would want to be in Slytherin, because they are the best house ever! I'm very weird, i know. If you don't like something about me or what i like, i really don't care. I can't really think of much else about me. 
If there is anything you wanna know, just message me.
//A Slytherin At Heart//        Summer
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