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Hi!  Kirinin here.  I've been writing fanfiction for around five or six years now; in the Harry Potter fandom for a year or two.  My main HP work as of now is the Secret of Slytherin, found currently on ff-dot-net and Potions and Snitches; the story is multi-chapter and so rather difficult to concisely define, but the main characters are the Trio, Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape, and Remus Lupin.  It's been pretty well-received.  :)

Likes: well-rounded characters; evil-in-good, good-in-evil; twisty plots, especially plots where you *think* that you know where the author is going and are wrong; well-written OCs (they take courage!); stories about Snape; stories about teaching; stories that contain archetypes, mythos, or a moral; histories; botany; rec pages; Draco; Harry; Ron.

Dislikes: any character bashing whatsoever - if you can't make your character a well-done bad guy, don't bother!; unexplained OOC; omission of a canon character just because; recycled plots; the Mary-Sue-Who-Doth-not-Know-she-is-a-Mary-Sue; the less-often recognized, and therefore far, far more insidious Gary Stu; a great deal of the Ginny/Harry that's out there; rape fics; no regard for spelling/grammar; and eggplants.

Well, I really don't like them.

Visit my Ranma 1/2 fanfiction at the Night Garden, the website listed here.  Otherwise search for Kirinin on fanfiction-dot-net or potions-and-snitches-dot-net and you'll find me. 

Take it easy, and see you around the fandom!

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