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Which Chapter of Deathly Hallows would you like to hear the Captains discuss for the next podcast?04/28/200812/31/1969
Where are you most likely to join in TQP discussion?12/15/200704/28/2008
What makes Snape so Snapealicious?      11/08/200712/15/2007
Who is your favorite Weasley?  10/18/200711/08/2007
Deathly Hallows08/04/200710/18/2007
Order of the Phoenix!
How are you reading Deathly Hallows  
Character for the Next Podcast
Who is the most redeemable character?

Podcast Flying with the Canon Character


July 21st-Are you ready?02/01/200703/23/2007
Are you going to Phoenix Rising?
Who would be more likely to dress like an Elf at Christmas?  11/12/200601/11/2007
For our December Challenge11/04/200611/12/2006
For our next Podcast the Captains should discuss10/29/200611/04/2006
Are you dressing up as a Harry Potter Character for Halloween?10/07/200610/29/2006

Which character would you most like the Captains to discuss for their next podcast?


This is like the chicken and the egg. Which came first for you the book or the movie.        08/25/200609/19/2006
Which of the following students won't survive book seven?08/06/200608/25/2006
We are preparing the next podcast.  Which female character would you most like to hear The Captains discuss?07/29/200608/06/2006
Will Ron and Hermione actually stay at the Dursley's With Harry?    07/09/200607/29/2006
Who will be the next person to die in Book 7.06/04/200607/09/2006
Book 7 is rumored  to be coming out in 2007. What do you think?05/29/200606/04/2006
What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?05/26/200605/29/2006
What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?05/26/200605/26/2006