Imagination Inspiration Drabble Drive by tqpannie
In this challenge, we have MANY pieces of fanart to inspire your writing and your job is to write a drabble or ficlet to accompany the piece. Here are the details:
  • Pick a piece of art from the selection below.
  • Write a piece of fanfic between 100 and 750 words based upon the art. No art is NC-17 but fic ratings can be any rating.
  • Submit the fic to by July 30th.
  • Read and review the drabbles and ficlets when they are posted on July 31st.

Excited, huh, huh?

Well then what are you waiting for? Go shopping for that inspirational piece of Harry Potter fanart and get writing!

THANK YOU to the wonderful artists! LeelaStarsky, DianaWeasley, LillyWMW, GlockGal, LizardSpots, Mudblood428, Odella, ElspethElf and Reallycorking.

Links to art....

Draco/Hermione---Draco/Ginny---Draco/Pansy---Gen Art---Gen Harry---Harry/Draco---Harry/Ginny---Harry/Hermione---Harry/Luna
Femme Slash---Ron/Hermione---Harry/Ron---Harry/Snape---James/Lily---James/Sirius---Lucius/Narcissa---Neville/Ginny---Remus/Tonks
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