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Reviewer: melakem Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/31/2008 08:58 AM Title: Acquisition

I got this from Random Story.  Until I got to the end and saw "end part 5", I didn't realize there was more.  I don't know if I'll go looking for them or not, to be honest.  This isn't a pairing I've ever seen before, and I think I only looked to see if it was indeed a pairing, or just a platonic day together.

That's kind of a long lead in to the fact that I liked this, and yet am saddened by it.  It's very well written.  It really feels like a memory, almost, of a perfect day that I once had myself.  I like that you write well enough that your readers can feel the affection between Hermione and Teddy.  It feels very believable.  And I like the sort of "slice of life"-ness of it all.

And yet, it makes me sad because of Ron.  I think I'm just too much of a Pollyanna for the curveballs thrown by life.  I hate to see people get hurt, and one of the three would have to be in order for this to work.  Maybe that's what you're trying to do, though, make me think, make me stretch, make me uncomfortable so that I'll face the real world.  I'm glad I read this.  Thanks for sharing your work.

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