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  1. Which HP character is your favorite to draw and why?
    I really like drawing Harry. His hair is so fun to do because it's all over the place with fun highlights and shadows. Dark hair also does best with my cg-technique. I'm a bit obsessed with Harry's hair. ^^;; I also like drawing Snape because his face has so much character, and Tonks is a lot of fun, though I don't get to draw her very often.

  2. What other artists inspire you?
    Hmm, I'm actually really inspired by wood-block prints - especially Japanese wood blocks by the masters like Hokusai. I don't shy away from true black like a lot of artists do. I like the textile like quality you can get by doing a simple brush pattern on true black. I'm a huge fan of contrast high contrast and use of negative space.

  3. Who is your OTP? Tell us why.
    I don't really have one. I usually read genfic, actually. ^^;; When I read pairing fics, it's usually Harry/Snape, Draco/Harry, Lucius/Harry, Lucius/Narcissa. I also really like the Ron/Hermione pairing, though I don't usually read fics with that as the center point. I'll read pretty much any pairing if I like the two main characters a lot. :) As for drawing pairings, I'll try anything. I really like attempting character combinations I haven't tried before.

  4. How do you find inspiration for your commissions?
    Commissions are usually pretty specific. If they're for a fanfic, I read through the scene a couple of times, then google image search for ideas to get me going. If I'm drawing a character I haven't thought about extensively or someone I haven't drawn before, I might go hunt down a bunch of fanart and/or movie stills of the person to really get a feel for them.

  5. When did you first start drawing?
    I've been drawing all of my life. I've always done it. My middle finger on my right hand is a little curved from where I rested pencils or crayons or whatever on it so often as I was growing up. *L* sorry, that's probably TMI. I started doing fanart in middle school for a show called "Gargoyles" Anyone remember that? I also did Tolkien fanart for years before the movies even came out. I didn't get into HP fanart until about two or three years ago, but I really enjoy this fandom and intend to stick around for a while. :)

  6. What medium do you prefer?
    Lately I've been doing almost exclusively digital work, but I've been known to enjoy a good colored pencil or charcoal piece. I like oils and pastels too, but I don't really have room in my current apartment to work with them.

  7. Do you ever wake in the middle of the night with something in mind that *must be* drawn right then?
    All the time! *L* I get flack because I keep a small sketchbook by my bed.

  8. So what other fan artists out there do you appreciate the work of?
    There are so many! :) I really like LJs buttfacemakani's stuff, and _odella_ does some absolutely beautiful things. Her lineart is really spectacular. Glockgal is an awesome person as well as a great artist, and I love some of the stuff lizardspots does with contrast and solid shapes. The tattoo design she did for painless_j was really really good.

  9. Which character is the most challenging for you to illustrate?
    Hmm...that's a hard one. Maybe Lucius? He and I go around quite a bit when I draw him. He ends up a bit more butch than aristocratic on occasion when I'm not paying enough attention.

  10. How long does it take to go from line-art to full-color pieces?
    Cg-ing's the fun part! If I get a sketch into the computer, it'll probably end up colored pretty quickly. I usually do it all in a huge marathon run if I'm drawing directly into the computer. I might spend an hour or two getting the lines right on the tablet. If I am working from a paper sketch, I might draw something one day and color it the next day. I usually spend about 4 to 6 hours on an average piece. For commission or fest work though, I like to work on it in increments and spend months or weeks working out all the kinks – as much time as I'm allowed to get it perfect.

  11. What is the craziest commission request you've received?
    Oh geeze, I've had some really really strange ones. I had a guy ask me to do a set of characters from a interactive story website he was working on and he kept giving me details like, "that character is republican." or "she's a vegan" but little physical description though he was really picky about how they looked in the end. One of the characters was a robot and I even knew the robot's favorite color and taste in music, but not what kind of metal he was made of. Another time I had someone commission me to draw his girlfriend as Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars, only with lightning coming out of her hair instead of hands.

  12. If you could draw anyone in the world, whom would you love to have the opportunity to sketch?I think I'd really like to draw Johnny Depp. His body language can be so unusual and expressive. I'd love to learn how to put that properly on paper.

  13. Who is your favorite Harry Potter character?
    I love Snape. There are a lot of characters that I really enjoy, but Snape is definitely my favorite all around. He's such a complex "real" character full of flaws as well as good character traits. I just find him really interesting. I like Moody too, for the same reasons – well that, and Moody is incredibly fun to draw with that wonky eye!

  14. If you were trapped in a room with your favorite character what would you want them to wear while you sketched them?
    I can't picture Snape without his billowing teaching robes! I usually put him in some kind of mandarin colored printed undershirt with lots of layers of many-buttoned clothing on top of it. Course, because I do that so often, it might be fun to sketch him in something else – maybe something Egyptian? For some reason I think that would suit him.

  15. When you're doing a commissioned piece from a specific story how much research do you put into that story?
    Quite a lot. I'm pretty big on trying to make the picture give the same "feel" as the scene from the story I'm illustrating, so I read and reread everything several times before I really get into it. I often try different poses and angles to make sure the one I'm sticking with translates the best from story, and if the author mentions any particular details about the setting - like a clock on the wall or the pattern of the cracks in the ceiling, I like to work those in whenever possible. I also like to tweak my own version of the characters to match the author's more closely, so if a story calls for Harry with waist length hair, even if my usual Harry doesn't have that, that's what the author will get! :)

  16. Are there any situations or characters that you just refuse to draw?
    Not really. I think limiting what you'll draw limits how far you can progress as an artist. Okay, so I don't think I could draw really young chan. I'm beyond squicked by that, but I think I'd try my hand at just about anything else if commissioned to do so no matter how I personally felt about the characters and/or situations.

  17. What is your personal favorite piece that you've done?
    I'm really happy with my "Double Agent" piece. I've got a fest piece I just finished that I can't talk about yet which I'm pretty happy with too, but I can't link you that for obvious reasons. ;)

  18. What is your process for taking commissions?
    I'm in the midst of reworking that, actually. My commission guidelines are a little out of date on my website. I basically have a flat fee for digital work and add on extra for things like billions of characters or really detailed interior backgrounds, and I charge $5 for a physical print if you're interested in that. I have physical prints of most of my work, actually, or can get them. If you didn't commission it, it's $6 for one or 2 for $10. I'm pretty open for discussion on commission prices though my website's contact info, or regular e-mail.

  19. In the process of drawing how much do you depend on someone else's vision of what the character's are in a commissioned piece?
    The author's description weighs pretty heavily on how I draw a character. If I'm not drawing for a specific fic, just a general interaction between two characters, I tend to think I wouldn't have been the artist they'd come to, if they didn't like my version of the characters, so unless some specific difference is mentioned, I pretty much go with how I see them. I'm very open to changes from how I'd normally draw the characters or working from reference pictures if the commissioner wants to give me those types of things.

  20. If you could sketch the captains what type of sketch would you do?
    Oh, oh! Heh, I could draw you as your favorite characters, sort of a fusion thing! That would be all sorts of fun!