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The Quidditch Pitch is looking for enthusastic volunteers to help run our ever-growing site. We have positions open in a number of areas. Please take at the descriptions below. If you are interested in any position, please click on the title to fill out an application. The numbers alongside the position indicate how many open slots we have. Once you submit an application, please give The Captains up to a week to respond. If you have any questions about these positions or anything on the site, please let us know:

Beta and Forum Captain (0)This is a full Captain's position.

This Captain will be in charge of the Forums including moderation, design, and adminstration of moderators. This Captain will generate discussion on the forums and update the other Captains with pertinent items regarding forum discussions or regular forum maintenance.

This Captain will be in charge of managing all beta readers (Quidditch Assistants) to ensure stories are being picked up, betas are working, and new beta applications have been graded. This Captain will be the central point of communication with betas and will coordinate training with Auntee Mame.

Assistant Administrative Captain (1)This Assistant Captain reports directly to Annie. They assist in all administrative aspects of the site such as, but not limited to, managing Quidditch Coordinators, making announcements, coordinating conference materials, making arrangements with affiliates, managing The Quibbler, The Quidditch Pitch, and the Captains Pitch, Yahoo Group, and fielding questions from authors, members, and outside sources. This Assistant Captain assists in managing and maintaining Zazzle Store, moderating our podcast in Annie and Auntee Mame's absence, helping bring more members into the site and informing news letters of current happenings

Assistant Gallery, Poll, and Set-Up Captain (0)This Assistant Captain reports directly to Simons Flower. They assist in setting up all polls on our polling site, managing the art gallery, uploading artwork for the featured artist of the month, managing moderators at the art gallery, nominating featured stories each month for our polls, setting up all Quidditch Coordinators, Quidditch Assistants, and validating authors.

Assistant Podcast Captain (1)This Assistant Captain reports to Madam Minnie to serve as back-up for podcast recording related materials such as interviews, chats, and special call-in shows. They will ensure that bumpers are written and recorded in a timely manner, as well as answer questions from our sound editors, interviewees, and other captains about the podcast. This Assistant Captain networks with other podcasts for advice and affiliations, and assists in overseeing any and all Sound Editors, Transcribers and roving reporters who will become part of the Quaffle Talk Staff. This Assistant Captain uploads and updates links to podcast and announces in Quaffle Talk, Captains Pitch, The Quibbler, and onsite. They compose show notes and send to Captain Minnie for verification.

Quidditch Assistant (10)Quidditch Assistants are the Betas that drive the site. All fiction hosted on The Quidditch Pitch must be betaed. We provide a beta service for any author to use. Betas are responsible for picking fic from the Beta Queue, working with authors to improve their work, keep in contact with The Captains and Quidditch Coordinators. You are never required to read or work with an author outside of your comfort level.

Quidditch Coordinator (5)Quidditch Coordinators help run the story queue and moderate in our Forums. Quidditch Coordinators are assigned one day a week to read stories submitted to The Quidditch Pitch. Based on our rules for submission, they approve or decline the submitted stories, sending ones that need beta work to the Beta Queue. Coordinators will also help moderate our forums one day per week.

Store Designer (1)Our Store Designer will design all merchandise chosen by The Captains to visually reflect The Quidditch Pitch. The Designer will maintain information about new products to inform The Captains. The Designer will also make suggestions for new designs, processes and sites to work with. Work with sites like Cafe Press and Zazzle to set up stores for The Quidditch Pitch.

Art Gallery Moderator (1)Assist in the Art Gallery with maintenance, monitoring and minor technical items. Time involved should be an hour or two weekly.

Networking Staff (1-2)Our Networking Staff actively seeks out new affiliates, works with Annie and her assistant to organize challenges with affiliates, interview affiliates, keep affiliate page up to date on our site, and help affiliates with graphics requests.

Niffler (4)Nifflers seek characters and stories that are off the beaten path. Each month the Captains will assign a character to our Nifflers who will then search far and wide to find the best stories that focus on the character. A Niffler's job is to find new talent, stories, and artwork to bring to The Quidditch Pitch.

Staff Artist (1-2)Our Staff Artist will create artwork for our podcast, logos, skins, our Zazzle Store, and other various special features we offer. They will also help maintain and moderate our art gallery.