Author Guide
Author Guidelines

1.  General Guidelines:
  1. Authors will understand and follow The Quidditch Pitch's Terms of Services (ToS) and Submission Guidelines.
  2. Authors will understand and follow The Quidditch Pitch's ratings guidelines found in the ToS.
  3. Authors will understand that all stories (except Drabbles) are subject to beta-reading by our Quidditch Assistants.
  4. Authors will have their stories pre-betaed or, at minimum, run spell-check before submitting your story to The Quidditch Pitch.
  5. Authors will understand that if a story is not resubmitted to our queue within two weeks after being returned from the beta, it will not be published on the site.  (This is if the author chooses to upload their own stories.)

2.  Working with the Quidditch Assistants
  1. Authors are responsible for working with Quidditch Assistants to improve their stories.
  2. Authors should be open and responsive to grammatical, spelling, and story flow changes.
  3. Authors have the right to email The Captains regarding a non-responsive beta.
  4. Authors have the right to request a new beta reader by emailing The Captains.
  5. Authors must respond to beta inquiries in a timely manner.  If they do not respond, the beta can delete their story from their work queue.  Four (4) days is considered "in a timely manner."
  6. Authors have the right to chose if they would like to upload the betaed version of their story themselves or if they prefer their Quidditch Assistant upload for them.
  7. Authors will keep in mind that beta service by our Quidditch Assistants is done as a hobby and to improve the quality of The Quidditch Pitch.
  8. Authors will remember that the Quidditch Assistants have real life obligation that may delay the beta reading of their story.

3.  Working with The Quidditch Pitch
  1. Authors can expect their submission to be approved or declined within 72 hours of submission.
  2. Authors will understand that the approval process is quicker than the beta process.
  3. Authors whose stories have been approved should expect to hear from their beta within a week of approval.
  4. Authors whose stories have been declined have the right to ask for a specific reason as to why said story was declined if they feel the letter of denial wasn't informative enough.
  5. Authors should try and find a pre-beta.  If you cannot locate one, try our forums for a candidate to look over the work for you.
  6. Authors have the right to not have their story changed for spelling, punctuation, grammar, or story flow without their consent.
  7. Authors understand that The Quidditch Pitch may change the rating or story category to fit in with our guidelines.
  8. Authors understand that they will never have their stories altered for content without their express consent.

These guidelines are effective immediately and are subject to change as we grow and refine our processes.

Last revised June 17, 2007