Quiddtich Assistant Process
Beta Process

We are currently seeking Quidditch Assistants (aka betas) for The Quidditch Pitch. Our application and test must be completed for consideration. It is extremely important that you fill out the application completely. We understand that the job might seem daunting but it is extremely rewarding. The way our beta application system works is:
  1. Application submitted to The Captains at betaapplications@thequidditchpitch.org. We will review all application and send out tests. Please allow up to two weeks for this process.
  2. When our decision is reached, you will either receive an acceptance or rejection letter.
  3. Upon receipt of an acceptance letter, you should email The Captains to inform us that you have accepted the position, after which, you should register for The Quidditch Pitch Forum.
  4. You will be assigned a Quidditch Pitch email address and password. Your password should not be changed. This email address is to be used for beta purposes only.
  5. As stories come in and are approved they will be uploaded to the beta queue. It is important that the queue is checked every couple of days. There is no maximum number of stories to beta, but we do keep tabs on workload.
We appreciate your interest in becoming a beta for The Quidditch Pitch.