Featured Stories November 2005 to December 2007

Featured Stories
November 2005 to December 2007
Continued January 2008 to present

Bad Moon Rising
Bad Moon Rising

Nov 2005Cold Hands and 4 AM by Thistlerose
Dec 2005Full of Christmas Cheer by sheepybunbuns
Jan 2006Umbra Nihili by cluegirl
Feb 2006Baby's In Black by marksykins
Mar 2006Found by sesptwd
Apr 2006Like the Finest Gold by Cedar
May 2006Hose by Thistlerose
Jun 2006It's not the years, Honey, it's the mileage by Thistlerose
Jul 2006Could We Start Again, Please? by Thistlerose
Aug 2006All the Options by annie
Sep 2006Always Maroon by mapleandmahogany
Oct 2006She Will Have Music by Thistlerose
Featured Story of the Year 2006She Will Have Music by Thistlerose
Feb 2007Getting a Grip by kjcp
Mar 2007Chasing Snowflakes by kjcp
Apr 2007Infinite Abyss by Kaci JaBeth
Swirling Images by madam_minnie
May/Jun 2007Deciding Moments by LadyTory
Jul 2007Empty Cradle by Lani
Aug 2007Baby's In Black by marksykins
Sep 2007Breathing Room by kjcp
Oct 2007Follow by modestyrabnott
Nov 2007Dreaming Through the Twilight by msmoocow
Just the Mother by Emmilyne
Dec 2007Broken Promises by inell

Hallowed Halls
Hallowed Halls

Nov 2005Close Call by magicofisis
Dec 2005A Dare's a Dare, Right? by lizardlaugh
Jan 2006PS... by Thistlerose
Feb 2006To Play the Watchman by marksykins
Mar 2006A '57 Vincent and a Red Headed Boy by Icarus
Apr 2006Believe That Magic Works by shocolate
May 2006Only Three by shocolate
Jun 2006A Home After All by Delicatetruth
Jul 2006Flare by annie
Aug 2006Essential Medicine for Ordinary Witches by Fionnabhair
Sep 2006He's Taken by Pili204
Oct 2006Beautiful Disaster by crystallekil
Featured Story of the Year 2006Believe That Magic Works by shocfix
Feb 2007More Than Words by delicatetruth
Mar 2007Accidental Magic by DeenaS
Apr 2007An Ordinary Man by msmoocow
May/Jun 2007God, I Miss the Screaming by Mad Maudlin
Jul 2007Fate of the Generations by BrandedFaithfully
Aug 2007Drawing Seamus by kaalee
Sep 2007Into the Night by plaidphoenix
Oct 2007Confessions by Tarie
Nov 2007Pucker Up by rospberry
Dec 2007Together Forever by The Steppy One

Remains of the Day
Remains of the Day

Nov 2005Harry Potter and the Midlife Crisis by lizardlaugh
Tricycle by rynne
Dec 2005Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Premier by magicofisis
Jan 2006Home For the Holidays by RedBlaze
Feb 2006Never Speak His Name by kerryblaze
Mar 2006Random Acts of Kindness and Senseless Acts of Duty by Cedar
Apr 2006The Next Great Adventure by kerryblaze
May 2006A Mid-Summer Night's Dream by TheGiantSquid
Jun 2006An Honor by The Giant Squid
Jul 2006Do you want me? by shocolate
Aug 2006Sleeping Arrangements by willowwand
Sep 2006The Hardest Part by magicofisis
Oct 2006Broken Wands by kerryblaze
Featured Story of the Year 2006Home For The Holidays by RedBlaze
Feb 2007All That They Had Not Lost by quizzical
Mar 2007Once Upon a Dream by shocfix
Apr 2007Reach by belovedranger
May/Jun 2007A Change of Plans by Celeste 9
Jul 2007A Teaspoon Full by Thaliachaunacy
Aug 2007Yesterday by Bluerain
Sep 2007The Greatest Thing by Quizzical
Oct 2007They Just Couldn't Stay Cross With Harry... by Quizzical
Nov 2007Cryptograph by mapleandmahogany
Dec 2007Wednesday Dates by Fizzmonkey
Getting It Right by the_minx17

Dark Tales
Dark Tales

Nov 2005A Woman Scorned by annie
Dec 2005Carte Blanche by underlucius
Jan 2006Asserting My Authority by madam_minnie
Feb 2006Five Things Harry Potter Should Never Have Done to Draco Malfoy by thysanotus
Mar 2006The Palmer Method by Cedar
Apr 2006Heartstrings by Crikkita
May 2006The First Signs of Magic:  Draco Malfoy by Icarus
Jun 2006An Ancient Magic by Cedar
Jul 2006Heartstrings by Crikkita
Aug 2006The Good Wife by LadyTory
Sep 2006Future Lost by wolfiekins
Oct 2006And They Say by crystallekil
Featured Story of the Year 2006The Good Wife by LadyTory
Feb 2007Future Lost by wolfiekins
Mar 2007Willingly Given by willowwand
Apr 2007Darkness by queenb23
May/Jun 2007A Dream of Retribution by LdyBastet
Opalescent by charlottesometimes
Jul 2007Dirty Secret by ginnysdarkside
Aug 2007No Real Risk by Amanuensis
Sep 2007A Mutually Beneficial Relationship by Elanor Isolda
Oct 2007We Sisters Three by Tarie
Nov 2007Between the Darkness and the Light by Potion Mistress
Dec 2007Breathe by kaalee

Drabbles (general)
Drabbles (general)

Nov 2005Untitled by bryonyraven
Dec 2005And the click click clicking of their fangs by thysanotus
Beautiful Eyes, Beautiful Soul by capitu
Jan 2006Grace by Thistlerose
A Visit to Floor Four by marksykins
Feb 2006The Lock by underlucius
Master and Servant by annie
Mar 2006Emerald by crystallekil
Blood Line by madam_minnie
Silver by simons_flower
Apr 2006Kiss and Tell by TheGiantSquid
Night Cravings by Hysterical Hystorian
Lovely Day for a Guinness by thistlerose
May 2006Got Milk? by griffindorstudent
Through the Mists:  A Tale of the Founders by Antosha
Jun 2006Teaspoon/Ron by Icarus
Kiss and Tell by The Giant Squid
Jul 2006One Unchanging Thing by Philo
Ron as Q by Icarus
Aug 2006Summer Breeze by sesptwd
Off Guard by belovedranger
Sep 2006Downstream by belovedranger
Molly Wobblus Interruptus by Alloy
Oct 2006Titchy by willowwand
Tribute by Kosh
Wedding Correspondence by alloy
Featured Story of the Year 2006Ron as Q by Icarus
Wedding Correspondence by alloy
Feb 2007Unforgiveable by queenb23
Whiskey and Sympathy by wolfiekins
Wedding Correspondence by alloy
Mar 2007Appreciated by willowwand
Peace by Spidergirl
Apr 2007Scattered Wrappers by annie
Leaving by modestyrabnott
May/Jun 2007Kiss and Tell by TheGiantSquid
She Had Nothing to Do by Hysterical Hystorian
Jul 2007Costume by Ozma_kateibell
Secret Love by robin777
Aug 2007300 Galleons by madam_minnie
Accomplished by shocfix
Sep 2007A Conversation Between Friends by robin777
The End by vee
Oct 2007First Impressions by inell
Leatherbound by Harrysmom
Nov 2007Brownies by annearchy
Finding Them by queenb23
Dec 2007The Swaying Willow by Laurzabeth
Phoenix Tears by madam_minnie

The Changing Room
The Broomshed:  The Changing Room

Nov 2005Across the Line by kerryblaze
Dec 2005A Hundred Reasons Why by moshes
Jan 2006Water by shocolate
Feb 2006Oscillate Wildly by marksykins
Mar 2006As You Were by emmagrant01
Apr 2006Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit by shocolate
May 2006Spice by magicofisis
Jun 2006Princes of Maine by Scoradh
Jul 2006A Lacking of Foresight by Keelywolfe
Aug 2006Apart Together by mapleandmahogany
Sep 2006Smut with a Harry on Top by Matilda Bishop
See No Evil by TheGiantSquid
Oct 2006If Ever Two Were One by Thevina
Featured Story of the Year 2006A Lacking of Foresight by Keelywolfe
Feb 2007The Glass Onion by mapleandmahogany
Mar 2007A Matter of Pride by Thistlerose
Apr 2007Let There Be Smut by kjcp
May/Jun 2007Interlude by simons_flower
Jul 2007A Kiss For Thanks by mapleandmohogany
Aug 2007Anything by sheepybunbuns
Sep 2007After the Sun Goes Down by auntee_mame
Oct 2007Pure Semantics by Samayel
Nov 2007A Home of Their Own by magicofisis
Dec 2007A Moment of Clarity by annie
Solstice by Solstice

The Ladies Room
The Broomshed:  The Ladies Room

Nov 2005The Game by BlueRain
Dec 2005Something to Squeal About by Amanuensis
Jan 2006Happy Christmas, Girls by simons_flower
Feb 2006Measureless to Man by Amanuensis
In Dreams by thysanotus
Mar 2006none for this month (on hold)
Apr 2006none for this month (on hold)
May 2006none for this month (on hold)
Jun 2006none for this month (on hold)
Jul 2006A Robe by inell
Aug 2006Eating Ain't Cheating by crystallekil
Sep 2006Sideways by Jenadamson
Oct 2006Prefect's Privilege by bryonyraven
Featured Story of the Year 2006In Dreams by thysanotus
Feb 2007Dawn's Early Light by inell
Mar 2007Pigtails by Mad Maudlin
Apr 2007Without Opening An Eye by Dream_wia_Dream
May/Jun 2007A Punch Up at a Wedding by charlottesometimes
Jul 2007A Bright Cold Day in April by Amanuensis
Aug 2007Between Love and Hate by Twisted_Innocence
Sep 2007Schadenfreude by Hildigunnur
Oct 2007Every Thirteen Minutes by charlottesometimes
Nov 2007Completely Unexpected by inell
Dec 2007Prefect Privilege by coffee_n_cocoa

The Dungeon
The Broomshed:  The Dungeon

Nov 2005The Very Last by Amanuensis
Dec 2005Just Like a Bad Girl Should by Thistlerose
Jan 2006Kept by bryonyraven
Feb 2006The Air We Breathe by marksykins
Mar 2006none for this month (on hold)
Apr 2006none for this month (on hold)
May 2006none for this month (on hold)
Jun 2006none for this month (on hold)
Jul 2006Claimed by madam_minnie
Aug 2006Burning From the Inside by Cluegirl
Sep 2006You Want This by ank_the_tank
Oct 2006Double Dare by Cluegirl
Featured Story of the Year 2006You Want This by ank_the_tank
Feb 2007Sometimes They Burn by Emma Grant
Mar 2007Repaying the Favor by madam_minnie
Apr 2007Double Dare by Cluegirl
May/Jun 2007Defenceless by LdyBastet
Paying the Price for the Sins of His Father by LdyBastet
Jul 2007From the Veil Into the Fire by LdyBastet
Aug 2007Kept by coffee_n_cocoa
Sep 2007You Can't Save Me by madam_minnie
Oct 2007Uncertain Future by inell
Nov 2007For Your Own Good by Amanuensis
Tie Me Up...Please? by Rickey_A
Dec 2007For the Humble Shall Rule the Earth by LdyBastet

The Dark Side
The Broomshed:  The Dark Side

Nov 2005Green Lights by underlucius
Dec 2005A Trail of Bubbles by thysanotus
Jan 2006Getting Him Out Of My Head by annie
Feb 2006Silly Little Mudblood by inell
Mar 2006Happily Ever After by xellas
Apr 2006Time and Tithe by Cedar
May 2006Just Desserts by Icarus
Jun 2006Predator by thysantos
Jul 2006Hush by Cormallen
Aug 2006World and Time Enough by wolfiekins
Sep 2006Two Way Mirror by Icarus
Oct 2006Queen's Mate by Mad Maudlin
Featured Story of the Year 2006Queen's Mate by Mad Maudlin
Feb 2007Care and Feeding by Mad Maudlin
Mar 2007Good Boy by inell
Apr 2007Blood for a Parched Tongue by Amanuensis
May/Jun 2007There is no Happy Ever After by IamAGhost
Jul 2007Bad Day by Nefyr
Aug 2007A Mother's Love by Tarie
Sep 2007Another Kind of Love by charlottesometimes
Oct 2007To An Outside Observer by Argyle_S
Nov 2007Presence of Mind by Hildigunnur
Dec 2007Call Me James by madam_minnie

Self Pleasure
The Broomshed:  Self Pleasure

Nov 2005Another Man's Wife by SaraEK
Dec 2005The Charms That Boys Know by marksykins
Jan 2006Another Man's Wife by SaraEK
Feb 2006Welcome Home by kerryblaze
Mar 2006none for this month (on hold)
Apr 2006none for this month (on hold)
May 2006none for this month (on hold)
Jun 2006none for this month (on hold)
Jul 2006A Boy's Best Friend by Glenfinnan
Aug 2006How the Wizarding World Wanks by Dream_wia_Dream
Sep 2006You Watch Him Carefully by TheGiantSquid
By the Light of the Lantern by annie
Oct 2006Twins by brumeux77
Featured Story of the Year 2006By the Light of the Lantern by annie
Feb 2007Curosity by inell
Mar 2007Wankers by annie
Apr 2007Precious by TheGiantSquid
May/Jun 2007For Research Purposes by inell
Jul 2007Where She'd Felt His Kiss by TheTrioMakesMeHot
Aug 2007Caught by eibbil_libbie
Sep 2007Desires by Argyle_S
Oct 2007Wank - Excerpt from Proxy by Matilda Bishop
Nov 2007From Beyond the Door by fightingsofierce
Dec 2007All in the Name of Science by Leviathan

Erotic Couplings
The Broomshed:  Erotic Couplings

Nov 2005The Next Best Thing by oh_honestleigh
Dec 2005Giving Up Control by hildigunnur
Gilly-Gryff by netbyrd
Jan 2006Conflict by biggerstaffbunch
Feb 2006Don't want no short-dick man by kerryblaze
Mar 2006Gilly-Gryff by netbyrd
Apr 2006Same Time Next Week by sesptwd
May 2006War and Passion by RedBlaze
Jun 2006A Matter of Perception by RedBlaze
Jul 2006Under Their Roof by belovedranger
Aug 2006First Gifts by LadyTory
Sep 2006Lucky by Redblaze
Oct 2006Dead Drop by Antosha
Featured Story of the Year 2006Under Their Roof by belovedranger
Feb 2007Snow by Emmilyne
Mar 2007Fever by Emma Grant
Apr 2007Minding the Shop by Lady Tory
May/Jun 2007Unspoken by AmandaR
Jul 2007Scent of a Woman by The Treacle Tart
The Red Dress by eibbil_libbie
Aug 2007Save Me by SaraEK
Sep 2007Anam Cara by RedBlaze and Shellyk
Oct 2007The Price of a Song by coffee_n_cocoa
Nov 2007Bath Interrupted by Dee Ryma
Dec 2007Undivided by AmandaR
The Diarist by Red Sioda

More Than Two
The Broomshed:  More Than Two

Nov 2005Mouth by crystallekil
Dec 2005Wolfish Appetites by sheepybunbuns
Jan 2006Helping Hands by TheGiantSquid
Feb 2006A Brilliant Plan by sesptwd
Mar 2006Fantasies Fulfilled by annie
Apr 2006Uncorked by Antosha
May 2006Checking it Twice by Emma Grant
Jun 2006Better Late Than Never by shocolate
Jul 2006The Bet by Emma Grant
Aug 2006The Call of Nature by Thevina
Sep 2006Just This Once by inell
Oct 2006The Truth About Harry and Ron by Hysterical Hystorian
Featured Story of the Year 2006The Truth About Harry and Ron by Hysterical Hystorian
Feb 2007Dabbling in Harry's Desires by Thevina
Mar 2007Three Wizards in Search of an Exit by wolfiekins
Apr 2007Summer School by magicofisis
May/Jun 2007My Intended, My Ivory, My Station, My River by Cedar
Jul 2007Stag by Antosha
Aug 2007An Unexpected Turn of Events by modestyrabnott
Sep 2007Hail to the King by Mad Maudlin
Oct 2007Lip Service by midnitemarauder
Nov 2007In the Moonlight by Hysterical Hystorian
Drie Firma by kosh
Dec 2007Simplicity by Antosha

Menage a Trio
The Broomshed:  Ménage a Trio

Nov 2005The Trick of Love by RedBlaze
Dec 2005Bibliophile by inell
Jan 2006Broomshed Delight by madam_minnie
Feb 2006Forgotten by shocolate
Mar 2006Bedknobs and Broomsticks by fictionalaspect
Apr 2006Homecoming Surprise by RedBlaze
May 2006A Little Something Between Friends by simons_flower
Jun 2006Synergy by kerryblaze
Jul 2006Burnt Chocolate Cake by Jenadamson
Aug 2006Hot Pink Protection by Jenadamson
Sep 2006Fool's Paradise by mapleandmahogany
Oct 2006Practice by Mad Maudlin
Featured Story of the Year 2006A Little Something Between Friends by simons_flower
Feb 2007Absolution by simons_flower
The Morning After by meesha1971
Mar 2007Harry Potter and the Unbreakable Bond by Leviathan
Vestal Virgin by simons_flower
Apr 2007A Quiet Celebration with Friends by magicofisis
May/Jun 2007Amorentia by annie
Jul 2007Wicked Games by annie
Aug 2007But What I Really Want to Do Is Direct by Rickey_A
Sep 2007There's a First Time For Everything by LouHQ
Oct 2007Trio Tribute for Redblaze by mapleandmahogany
Nov 2007His Eyes by simons_flower
Dec 2007Mental That One by Argyle_S

Drabbles (mature)
The Broomshed:  Drabbles (mature)

Nov 2005Empty Promises by inell
Dec 2005In the Shower by simons_flower
Jan 2006Merry Christmas Indeed by madam_minnie
Feb 2006Another Beg Me For It Outtake by Icarus
Mar 2006Hero's Welcome by magicofisis
Apr 2006Quiver by bryonyraven
May 2006Like a Whore by kerryblaze
Jun 2006I like pleasure spiked with pain by Dream_wia_Dream
Jul 2006Always by TheGiantSquid
Aug 2006Make Me Yours by Dream_wia_Dream
Sep 2006Restraint by willowwand
Oct 2006Observations on the Yule Ball by annie
Featured Story of the Year 2006Like a Whore by kerryblaze
Feb 2007The Doll by annie
Mar 2007Weasley Adult Beverage Line by Kosh
Apr 2007Waiting For Him by Spidergirl
May/Jun 2007Talk Dirty to Me by annie
Jul 2007After the Funeral by whatitistoburn1
Huntsman's Compromise by Amanuensis
Aug 2007Snape's Turn-Around by sesptwd
Sep 2007The Dirty Pervy Ladies Club by Ozma_katiebell
Oct 2007Mates by Ozma_katiebell
Nov 20077 Moments by shieldmaiden
Monthly Meeting by unbroken_halo
Dec 2007For Love of Chocolate by Queenb23
Turn to Page 394 by tjwritter