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Trio FQF

  1. Who moderates the Trio FQF?
    Annie and Tarie.

  2. Why Trio?
    Because it seems to be an obvious extension of the trio's friendship.  It's fun, light, and damn sexy!

  3. Tell us a bit about how the community works.
    The community gives story prompts based on era and subject matter.  People sign up for the fest in three waves.  This gives a bit of time to write.

  4. What are your future plans for the Trio FQF?  Anything exciting in the works?
    We are currently taking prompt claims for the 6th wave!

  5. What has been the most satisfying thing you've taken away from your experience managing the Trio FQF?
    All the beautiful stories and art that come out of the fest!

26 March 2008