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Artist of the Month for February 2007 -Lizardspots

  1. Which HP character is your favorite to draw and why?
    I can't decide between Snape and Harry. I just have a very clear idea of what they look like in my head.

  2. What other artists inspire you?
    I don't know a thing about fine artists, but I love the fanart in the HP fandom. Every single artist I come across inspires and influences me a little. I find I can learn something new from each new piece of art I see.

  3. Who is your OTP? Tell us why.
    Snape/Harry are my OTP, though I do enjoy other pairings too. Snape and Harry are the two most fascinating characters in the books, in my opinion, and their relationship has so many levels of loathing and history and bitterness. I love reading about how these two characters (under the right circumstances) might come together; it makes for fantastic epic fiction!

  4. How do you find inspiration for your commissions?
    I usually talk about it with the commissioner, discussing the scene and the emotions the characters are feeling, the backstory, and eventually a particular composition hits me. I get a little hyper, building up the picture in my head with props and background that will tell the story.

  5. When did you first start drawing?
    I've been drawing fanart for 4 years now. Before that, I didn't draw very much at all, though I have always enjoyed art.

  6. What medium do you prefer?
    Probably digital media - my tablet with Open Canvas.

  7. Do you ever wake in the middle of the night with something in mind that *must be* drawn right then?
    Oh heavens no - I love my sleep too much! But I do often get ideas just before I go to sleep or while I'm daydreaming on a train or car journey.

  8. So what other fan artists out there do you appreciate the work of?
    There are too many fanartists that I love - I'd be here all day listing them!

  9. Which character is the most challenging for you to illustrate?
    I find it difficult to draw characters that I don't read about often or whose characterisation I am still uncertain of in my head. Draco, Percy, Fleur and McGonagall, for example, are particularly challenging for me. The canonically bizarre looking characters would be a challenge, too, though I haven't drawn many of them.

  10. How long does it take to go from line-art to full-color pieces?
    Depends on the size of the picture and how lazy I'm feeling. It can vary from 4 hours to a few days.

  11. What is the craziest commission request you've received?
    Oh now really, I couldn't possibly tell you that. That would be rude! But aside from the ubiquitous Mary Sue requests involving the commissioner with their paramour of choice, I have recieved some fun RPS pairings - like Stephen Colbert/Jon Stewart, Viggo Mortenson/Orlando Bloom, and some popslash pairing that I'd never heard of. I also got a commission to do a yaoi comic, which turned out to be far more work than I could handle.

  12. If you could draw anyone in the world, whom would you love to have the opportunity to sketch?
    Now isn't this just an excuse to list all the people I would love to sit and gaze at?? *grins* In which case, I'd have to say Hugh Jackman, Ryan Stiles, Daniel Radcliffe and Hugh Laurie.

  13. Who is your favorite Harry Potter Character?
    Snape! I always love the ugly ambiguously evil ones, and Snape is one of the most complex, interesting characters I've ever encountered in any book.

  14. If you were trapped in a room with your favorite character what would you want them to wear while you sketched them?
    Haaaahahaha! Apart from the most obvious answer (NAKED TIME!!) I'd rather like to see Snape in formal Muggle clothes. Yum!

  15. When you're doing a commissioned piece from a specific story how much research do you put into that story?
    I would read the scene that the commission is meant to illustrate, and I would discuss further details with the commissioner. It's funny what details are important to know as an artist, and what details the writer focusses on in their fiction. The two often do not correlate.

  16. Are there any situations or characters that you just refuse to draw?
    I don't outright refuse anything, but I do have my own comforts that I find easier to draw than other more extreme situations. I'd give anything a try, but I'd have to be in a particularly adventurous mood.

  17. What is your personal favorite piece that you've done?
    Oh jeeze, I can't possibly choose one! I've narrowed it down to 4:
    Perfect Contentment (Snape/Lupin, G),
    Good Things Come To Those Who Wait (Snape/Harry, R),
    Fama Annus Sulum (Snape/Lupin, NC-17) and
    A Spell For My Enemies (Snape, PG).

  18. What is your process for taking commissions?
    I have a livejournal post (linked in my userinfo and the sidebar of my journal) where people can comment if they want to be added to my waiting list. Here's the post. :)

  19. In the process of drawing how much do you depend on someone else's vision of what the character's are in a commissioned piece?
    After discussing the commission in question with the commissioner, I usually have a pretty good idea about what they are looking for. I always send a rough sketch to them to ask if they have any specific quirks or requests that they'd like added in to fit in with what they had in mind, and I'm perfectly happy to add in those changes. On the whole, though, people are generally pleased with my original character designs, which is a relief!

  20. If you could sketch the captains what type of sketch would you do?
    A full-on Quidditch match!!