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Interview with Flaming Nargles
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Affiliate Interview - Flaming Nargles

We wanted to take the opportunity for you to get to know another of our affiliates, flamingnargle. We wanted to share with you what they're about, what their future plans are, and give you a chance to meet the Admins. Today we are talking to the community's maintainers plaidphoenix and antoshevu

  1. How Did Flaming Nargles come to be?
    plaidphoenix: I initially wrote a Harry/Ginny/Luna story after OotP came out. I then started a discussion of this particular trio on the threesome and moresome thread at Fiction Alley. Needing a name, I came up with Flaming Nargles. Flaming in honor of Ginny's red hair, Nargle in honor of Luna's rather eccentric beliefs.

    antoshevu: Just to echo what PP said, I found a while back that, much to my own surprise, I'd written a Harry/Ginny/Luna story ("Camera Obscura"). I'd read quite a few H/R/Hr fics and thought, Gee, there must be more fics like this out there. I found exactly one: PP's "Harry Potter and the Scarlet Women." I followed his links back to Flaming Nargles, posted my fic there (along with the series that grew from it). Over time, the fics inspired more, and a community of readers and authors has developed--it's a small, wonderful, varied group, which I suppose is natural, given the rather whimsical nature of the three characters themselves.

  2. Explain the concept of Flaming Nargles.
    plaidphoenix: I've always thought that given how he was raised, Harry needed as much loving as he could get. This initially led me to Harry/Ron/Hermione, but after a while I had an idea for Harry/Ginny/Luna that was born out of the assumption of how indignant Ron would be upon learning his best friend was dating his sister and how outrageous that indignation would be if he learned his best friend was dating not only his sister but also another girl at the same time.

    antoshevu: When I started writing H/G/L, it was in response to a bunny bite: I'd had a rather bleak image of the three of them alone and blue after the war, bereft of everyone they loved or who loved them--excepting each other. As I kept writing them, I realized that they have a wonderful balance: Ginny is incredibly here-and-now and passionate; Luna is incredibly ethereal and spiritual; and Harry is pulled between these two extremes. Their energies are different, their senses of humor are different--especially Luna's, obviously--but they seem to work quite well together. And they can lead you in the most unexpected directions..

  3. Tell us a bit about how the community works.
    plaidphoenix: Well, I initially started the community to post the story I had initially submitted to Fiction Alley, Harry Potter and the Scarlet Women, and to see how much, if any, interest there was in Harry/Ginny/Luna as a valid threesome. After a somewhat slow start, the community started to gather momentum and I decided to add a co-moderator, Antosha_C, to help run the site. Between us we've organized several challenges, some fic length as well as a recently initiated monthly drabble challenge.

    antoshevu: The site is a fairly open one. Membership is (for the foreseeable future) open; if you're a member and you have something of interest to share regarding the three characters, you're welcome to post it. If you've read or seen something, you're welcome to link to it. As plaidphoenix said, we've hosted a number of fic and monthly drabble challenges that have sparked some wonderful entries, and there have been some more meta-ish conversations as well. We maintain a master list of all of the fics and art that have been posted either on our site or elsewhere (Master List ). We've gone from two fics (PP's and mine) to over fifty fics and a half-dozen pieces of art in just over a year--and the list is growing quickly!

    Recently, we added a section called "Nargles in the Closet" which features fics that highlight Harry, Ginny and Luna, but not as a threesome--fics that include both Harry/Ginny and Harry/Luna, for example, or Harry/Ginny/Luna/Neville.

  4. What are your future plans for Flaming Nargles?
    plaidphoenix: The same thing we do every night, Pinky! Try and take over the world! Or simply convert everyone to the love of Harry/Ginny/Luna.

    antoshevu: I guess that makes me Pinky. :-)

    Narf! Zort! Poit!

  5. What has been the most satisfying thing you've taken away from your experience managing Flaming Nargles?
    plaidphoenix: That there's actually other people who enjoy Harry/Ginny/Luna as much as I do and they exist in such numbers as to warrant a community.

    antoshevu: Meeting the super-genius, there. And all of the other wonderful, unique and fascinating folks who inhabit the community.