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Quaffle Talk Episode 1: Attack of the Fangirls - (Tue, 8 Aug 2006)
The Fan girls have gone wild again! In this broadcast you'll hear Captain Kerryblaze interviewing Leelastarsky live from down under. You'll hear the Captains duking it out over Severus Snape in a segment we like to call Snape-Good, Evil, or a Pawn, and The Captains get some owl posts.

Quaffle Talk Episode 2: The One with Phoenix Rising - (Sun, 8 Oct 2006)
Today we'll be delving into the character of Hermione, reading some listener email, and talking to the staff of Phoenix Rising.

Quaffle Talk Episode 3: The Fanboy Edition - (Sun, 30 Oct 2006)
Today we'll be delving into the character of Neville and talk with some of the fanboys of the Harry Potter fandom: Antosha, Leviathan and Wolfiekins. No toads or parrots were harmed in the recording of this podcast.

Quaffle Talk Episode 4: The One With All the Weasleys - (Sun, 3 Dec 2006)
In this episode, the Ron fans make themselves known with a rousing discussion about Ron Weasley and why we can't help but love the ginger-haired Gryffindor. In our TQP Interview, Mini Captain Caitlin tells us about her love for Harry Potter.

Quaffle Talk Episode 5: The One With All the Talking - (Tue, 13 Mar 2007)
The Muse is among us--a chat with Solstice, The Captains try to get into the head of JKR's Muse, and Annie acts as Madam Minnie's Muse for the site news. It's all here...it's all now...it's all slightly bent. Quaffle Talk.

Quaffle Talk Episode 6: The One With All the Red - (Sun, 27 May 2007)
A discussion about Nymphadora Tonks and a call-in interview with RedBlaze fill this episode of Quaffle Talk.

Quaffle Talk Episode 7: The One With All the Slash - (Tue, 10 Jul 2007)
A discussion about Remus Lupin, a discussion about "Slash, Why We Love It and Which Character Would Hate It the Most?" and a roundtable with Switch-Hitters, authors who write both slash and het.

Mini-Casts -

Quaffle Talk Episode 1: Pre-Game Show - (Wed, 12 Jul 2006)
The Captains of the Quidditch Pitch would like to welcome you to our Pre-Game Show! During our broadcast today we'll get you warmed up for our first podcast! On the menu is the Captains' Corner Segment and a story reading by our artist of the Month Leelastarsky! Be sure to check out her art at our Quidditch Trading Cards site or if you are listening to the broadcast via iTunes or an iPod Nano, Photo or Video, you can see her artwork in the Album Art section as the Chapter dividers. So without further ado lets head to the broadcast booth.

Quaffle Talk Episode 2: Pre-Game Show - (Sun, 01 Oct 2006)
Introduction and welcome, discussion about Arthur Weasley and his fascination with Muggle items, news and Leelastarsky reading of "Harry's Worst Nightmare" by magicofisis.

Quaffle Talk, Episode 3: The Fanboy Edition Pre-Game Show (Tue, 24 Oct 2006) In our third minicast, you'll hear out introduction and welcome, a discussion about Fred and George's Wizard Wheeze Daydream Charms, news, and reading "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" by marksykins.

Quaffle Talk, Episode 4: The One With All the Weasleys Pre-Game Show (Sun, 26 Nov 2006) In our fourth minicast, you'll hear our introduction and welcome, a lively discussion about the Weasley boys, and Leelastarsky reading "Lost for Words" by Solstice.

Quaffle Talk, Episode 5: The One With All The Talking Pre-Game Show (Monday, 26 Feb 2007) In our fifth minicast, you'll hear our introduction and welcome, a discussion about a Death Eater's Valentine's Day and Leelastarsky reads Solstice's ficlet, Flat Out.

Quaffle Talk, Episode 6: The One With All The Red Pre-Game Show (Monday, 23 Apr 2007) In our sixth minicast, you'll hear our introduction and welcome, a discussion about Good Characters in The Bad Place, plans for Phoenix Rising and site news.

Quaffle Talk, Phoenix Rising Wrap Up - Special Edition (Thurs, 14 Jun 2007) This special edition of Quaffle Talk is the post-event wrap up of Phoenix Rising from the Captains' warped point of view. A special thanks to Wolfie for mixing this. Welcome to the staff!

Storytime Podcasts -

Storytime with the Captains 1: Captains' Tales - (Sat, 26 Aug 2006)
In this, our very first Storycast, we have the melodious sounds of Leelastarsky and Glenfinnan reading two of our most popular stories: "Perfection" by Cariad and "How the Wizarding World Wanks" by Dream wia Dream. So lie back and enjoy our bedtime stories.

Storytime with the Captains 2: Captains' Tales - (Thu, 21 Sep 2006)
Leelastarsky reads the first two chapters of RedBlaze's classic story "Fire and Ice"

Storytime with the Captains 3: Captains' Tales, Book 3 - (Mon, 23 Oct 2006) In our third Storycast, you'll hear Leelastarsky read chapter 3 of RedBlaze's classic story, Fire and Ice.

Tales from The Pitch - Special Hallowe'en Storycast - (Tue, 31 Oct 2006) A special Hallowe'en episode of our Storycast. We discuss what would happen if Harry Potter characters dressed in Hallowe'en costumes, Leelastarsky reads Kerryblaze's "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary" and Madam Minnie reads her "Asserting My Authority".

Storytime with the Captains 5: Captains' Tales, Book 4 - (Sat, 23 Dec 2006) In this pre-holiday release of the Storycast, we feature Leelastarsky reading Chapter 4 of Redblaze's Fire and Ice, and join the Captains and Ron fans for the second half of the Ron chat.

Music courtesy of MacJams.com, featuring:
+ Ding Dong Merrily on High/Good King Wenceslas by Ms Miss
+ Silent Irish Night by Rebsie

Happy Holidays to all from the Staff of The Quidditch Pitch.

Storytime with the Captains 6: Captains' Tales, Book 5 - (Sat, 24 Feb 2007) In our Drabblecast we feature stories by modestyrabnott, willowwand, inell, alloy and kerryblaze. Sit back and enjoy these short pieces that say so much.

Storytime with the Captains 7a: Captains' Tales, Book 6 - (Sun, 08 Apr 2007) Leelastarsky reads Chapter 5 of Fire and Ice by RedBlaze.