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Interview with SESpotwood
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Editor's Choice for February - SESpotwood

We were relieved when they released Marksykins into the custody of Shocolate. She was stunned by what Simon's Flower had done and I still hadn't regained my ability to speak properly.

"I can't believe you kidnapped Prince William and Prince Harry!" Madam Minnie hissed as I picked up the telephone to contact SESpotwood. "We didn't know about it why are we being listed as accomplices?"

"I may," Simon's Flower whispered back. "Have Polyjuiced Pansy Parkinson and Millicent Buldstrode to look like the two of you."

"This is just great!" I growled. "We have to do SESpotwood's interview from jail. Jail! She's our Editor's Choice for her story Same Time Next Week and we're interviewing her from jail! Do you have any idea how embarrassing this is?"

"Well have you seen the Princes?" Simon's Flower smirked. "Besides they said they wouldn't tell."

SESpotwood answered the phone and I had never been so happy to hear a familiar voice. "Hello?"

"Hey, it's Annie," I said softly, I could hear a large gathering in the background. "Do you have company?"

"Well Fred and George stopped by," she giggled. "Not to mention Remus is here. We're having—"

"Oh," I sighed. "Simon's Flower got us arrested and we were hoping you could bail us out."

"Arrested?" SESpotwood asked. "For what?"

"Who was arrested," Fred called out. "Do they need us to break them out?"

"We know how to pick locks," George chimed in.

"She kidnapped Prince William and Prince Harry," I sighed. "With the help of Pansy and Millicent."

SESpotwood giggled, "Well, I'm sure Kaci JaBeth will bail you out. I'll get her on the next flight to London."

"Have her bring some Bustelo!" Madam Minnie called out. "I want a decent cup of coffee."

Simon's Flower giggled, "Peanut butter too! The Princes are partial to it!"

"Shut up the both of you," I muttered. "Do you have a few minutes? I'd like to do your interview."

She must have placed her hand over the receiver and I could hear her talking to the twins and Remus. She came back to the line and I heard her shoo Remus away.

"Sure," she laughed. "The boys have given me fifteen minutes."

"Thanks," I breathed and borrowed a pen from a rather scary looking matron.

I didn't have any paper so I grabbed Simon's Flower's arm to write on. I rested the phone against my ear and asked my first question.

"When did you become involved in the Harry Potter fandom and what drew you to begin writing about the characters?"

SESpotwood took a deep breath and began to speak, "I became an HP fan in 11/2001 when I saw a little film called The Sorcerer’s Stone. I went to the library the next day and took out the four available HP books. Within two months I had read them all and was hooked for life. I joined Obsessive Harry Potter Fans Yahoo group in 2002.

"In April of 2003, I was doing an Internet search for Severus Snape, because of a discussion on this group. I stumbled across a fanfic called A Matter of Honor by McAmy. I didn’t even know there was a such thing as fanfiction. I read the three book series four times over the next six months. I was in love with Amy’s version of Severus Snape. I absolutely loved the whole idea of taking characters that I loved from canon and creating a new world for them. I began a fanfic of my own, in my mind. I daydreamed about it constantly, but didn’t have the nerve to write it down.

"In October of 2003, a member of OHPF linked me to The Psychic Serpent HP fic series. I was absolutely blown away. This is an AU series. Book two is very AU, in which Harry changes his past, therefore completely altering his entire life. Halfway through this reading this series, I told the girl who had rec’d me that I had this fic going around my mind for some time. She, Amy (not McAmy), dragged the premise out of me and pleaded with me to write it. I began writing it and would email a piece of it to her everyday.

"In February of 2004, with Amy’s unwavering encouragement, I started my own Yahoo group and began posting my AU HP fanfiction to the Internet. I focused only on this fic until I saw a post in another Yahoo HP group announcing a Hermione/Draco fic challenge in February of 2005. I had never even imagined the two of them as a pairing. I clicked the link, discovered Livejournal. *big grin*. I took a deep breath, signed up and wrote a fic for the challenge. Shortly after this, I was struck by another Dramione bunny and wrote Same Time Next Week. As of today, I have written 43 drabbles (up to 300 words) 27 ficlets (300-1000 words) and 31 fics over 1000 words."

"Amazing!" I heard Fred call out from the background. "She said that all in one breath!"

"It was really sexy," George quipped.

SESpotwood giggled and I have to confess I was more than a bit jealous that she had three such sexy men in her home.

"If there was one thing you could ask JKR, what would it be? " I asked as Madam Minnie flirted with the Matron. She seemed to be bartering to get me fags so I didn't object.

"I’d like to ask her if Remus and Sirius were lovers," she sighed. "But, I’d probably ask something ridiculous like what house was Moaning Myrtle in?"

"We were," Remus answered so quietly and SESpotwood gasped. "But I swing both ways."

"What is the most shocking moment in the Harry Potter series?" I asked as I grabbed Simon's Flower's other arm to continue writing down the answers.

"I want to say Sirius’ death, but I was spoiled before hand, as well as DD’s death and all other dramatic events in HBP. So, I will say finding out that Remus was a werewolf. I remember gasping and clapping my hand over my mouth, during the Shrieking Shack scene. I was horrified that he was evil and had led Sirius Black to kill Harry. My heart was broken…for a few paragraphs. I was so relieved to learn the truth. I fell for him all over again…harder than the first time."

"You fell for me?" Remus' voice was closer to the phone this time. "That's encouraging."

I giggled and asked my next question."Outside the Harry Potter world, what is your favorite movie?"

"Hmm…that’s hard. Forrest Gump and Shakespeare in Love are very close, as well as the Lord of the Rings series." SESpotwood answered and I heard Fred and George exclaim in unison.

"Run, Snape, Run!"

"Annie," Simon's Flower muttered. "I don't have that much arm space left, could you try to write smaller."

"Oh don't worry," I hissed. "I'll use Minnie's arms next."

"She's busy flirting with the matron," Simon's Flower retorted. "Write smaller."

I ignored her and asked my next question. "If you could choose Harry's fate, what would you choose for him and why?"

" Very cliché…defeats Voldemort; comes out of the closet; falls in love with redeemed Draco Malfoy; works for the Ministry for a while; becomes a Hogwarts Professor (DADA) and eventually Headmaster. Why? Because I’m a sucker for happy/sappy endings."

Simon's Flower giggled when she read what I wrote. "That would be brilliant."

I shook my head and continued my interview questions.

"What inspires you to write?" I asked.

"I like to write ‘for’ people. I enjoy a pairing/prompt challenge. My Muse is a dirty pervert and most often visits me while I’m in the shower. She also likes to throw random bunnies at me while I’m driving. Sick, that one is." She paused. "Could you rub my shoulder's a bit harder Fred?"

"Sure thing, Luv," I heard him answer.

"I'm jealous, you know that right," I sighed. "Hold on I need to borrow Madam Minnie's arm."

I summoned Madam Minnie over and Simon's Flower laughed when she pouted. I pushed up her sleeve and she frowned.

"What advice would you give other writers?" I asked

"Fandom is a place for fun. Try your best not to take things too seriously. Write from your heart," SESpotwood answered. "And get a Fred and George of your own."

"You're upset because I got a Harry of my own," Simon's Flower pouted.

"I'm upset that you got us arrested!" I snarled. "Let me finish this interview."

"What is your favorite HP book and why? " I asked.

"Prisoner of Azkaban. Two words: Remus Lupin." SESpotwood giggled.

"That's very flattering," Remus purred into the phone. "You need to hurry up, we've got plans for you."

"Along those lines," I giggled. " You're at Hogwarts and are looking for a place to snog/shag. Which character would you want to be with and where?"

"Hmm…if it was the Marauder era, I’d totally be with Remus and probably Sirius as well, only if Remus wouldn’t mind. If it was the present day, I’d definitely say Fred Weasley with or without George. The twins are so much fun. My heart belongs to Fred as far as the twins are concerned . Aside from Remus, they are definitely my favorite canon characters. I laugh out loud every time they’re on the page. In either situation, I’d be in some very secret hidden room that only those who’ve seen the Marauder’s Map know about. There would be some really clever and so obvious to those who know of it way to get into said room."

I laughed when the phone on the other end fell to the ground and I could hear the sound of someone getting snogged. I sighed when George picked up the phone.

"We have to hang up now," George said firmly. "We're going to see if we can make Remus growl."

"All right," I laughed. "Would you help me kidnap Ron?"

"Of course we would! He needs a bit of schooling!"

"Ask her if she loves us," I said.

"She says with the heat of a thousand suns." George came back on the line. "Thanks for calling and be sure to call Kaci JaBeth."

"We will," I sighed. "Have fun and may the force be with you."

I hung up the phone and motioned that Madam Minnie should go ahead and make her phone call to Kaci JaBeth.

"Wrong fandom, Annie," Simon's Flower smirked.