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Interview with Thevina
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The Editor's Choice for August - Thevina
by Simons Flower

We have another interview with Thevina. She was our Editor's Choice for her story The Gates of Great Darkness.

  1. How did you get involved with writing fan fiction?
    I discovered it in Tolkien fandom; I wrote a paper about women writers of Tolkien fanfiction and then started writing fan fiction myself. I segued over to Harry Potter fanfiction two and some years ago and now I write both, but primarily HP.

  2. What story was the most fun to write? Which was the most challenging and why?
    Probably "Countdown," my story retelling OotP from George Weasley's POV. It was great fun being a part of the twins' lives and thinking about all they were getting up to out of Harry's line of vision. Most challenging was probably "Wash Me Throughly," as the request was definitely a rarepair (Ron/Remus) and hurt/comfort, which I'd never written. I feel it's one of my most well-crafted stories, though, probably because I did have to think about it so much.

  3. Who is your favorite Harry Potter character and why?
    That's so hard! Probably Ron Weasley, just because he seems so human, and flawed, but also honorable and, to be frank, I see him as growing up to be very sexy and self-confident.

  4. Where are you from and tell us something interesting about where you live?
    I currently live in Harrisonburg, VA, and despite it being a pretty small town (aside from the university population) we have four yarn stores. That makes this knitter very happy

  5. What advice would you give other writers?
    Find a reliable beta reader!! No matter how polished your story may be, having someone else's eyes on it can only help.

  6. What is your favorite food and would which famous person would you most like to share it with?
    Mmmmm... probably fettuccine alfredo. I'd share it with Alan Rickman because I've been held sway by his velvet voice ever since "Truly, Madly, Deeply" and I'm terribly smitten.

  7. If you were trapped in a cupboard with a Harry Potter character who would it be and what pick up line would you use on them?
    I'd pick a grown-up Ron. "I've heard you have freckles everywhere... mind if I find out?"

  8. Which is your favorite Harry Potter book?
    Order of the Phoenix, but I've only read Half-Blood Prince once. I really should remedy that.

  9. Do you think we're completely mental?
    Only in the best way...

  10. What was the most shocking moment of the HP Series?
    Cedric's sudden death.!

  11. If you could ask JKR one thing what would it be?
    What on earth are you going to write next, and how are you going to cope with everything you write in the future being compared to this series?

  12. Who is your role model?
    Y'know, I don't really have any.

  13. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

  14. What three things would you take with you to a deserted island?
    George, Bill and Ron. Oh- do you mean "other" entertainment?!

  15. Which HP character would do the best on Survivor and why?
    Bill- he's very clever, and with his background in curse-breaking he wouldn't get frazzled easily.

  16. What is the defining moment in the characterization of your favorite character?
    This is too hard, because frankly, I primarily read fanfiction that is set when the characters are in their 20s and 30s (or older); I'm not nearly as knowledgable about the canon texts as I should be. :hides: In general, though, I'd say the defining moment for George (definitely a favorite character of mine) is when he and Fred make their stunning exit from Hogwarts. Though JKR doesn't say how it happens, obviously they'd been having all kinds of secretive outings to be able to get a lease on their shop, and I love their triumphant moment in front of so many students in the castle.

  17. What inspires you to write?
    Real life situations, and other people's stories, quite frankly. I remain constantly surprised at how the stories keep coming to me; I'd have thought that they would have dried up by now but I show no signs of stopping writing anytime soon!

  18. If you could choose Harry's fate what would it be?
    A primarily happy life with the partner(s) of his choice. He's had a pretty rough go of it so far.

  19. Which character is the hardest for you to write?
    Not sure; if it's too out there, I probably wouldn't choose to write about him/her. Hermione's 'voice' doesn't come very naturally.

  20. What kind of environment do you like to write in? Quiet? Loud?
    I prefer to write in solitude, in a quiet place. I really enjoy writing outside on overcast days, or sitting in a comfy chair. I used to be able to write with music, but now I find it too distracting.

  21. When writing do you have any tried and true tricks that you use to tempt your muse?
    Hmmm... Starting yet another story?! She seems to work 'best' when I'm writing on 4 or 5 stories in multiple fandoms, all at once.

  22. If you were a character in the Harry Potter books who would you be and why?
    I'd be George; he's leading an interesting life, has close friends and an identical twin, and he's obviously independent and self-confident. And to my mind, very good looking!!

  23. If you were a professor at Hogwarts, what would you teach and why?
    As one who loves libraries (and works in one), I'd actually rather take Madam Pince's role and work in the library. I'd probably spend an inordinate amount of time in the Restricted Section, lol!

  24. Do you want to ask The Captains any questions? Go ahead…we'll all tell the truth. Honestly.
    No, but I do want to thank you for all that you do behind the scenes, which I know is monumental.!!